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Bioengineering Ambassadors

The Ambassador Team is a selection of the friendliest, most involved students in the Bioengineering Department. These individuals lead and host tours for prospective students and their families by working with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In addition to hosting tours, they attend various functions to promote Bioengineering, from CECAS recruiting events to educational programs.

Ambassadors have an abundance of Bioengineering experience including research with Clemson faculty, participation in study abroad programs, and experience in industry internships and co-ops. On top of their involvement in the Bioengineering department, our team partakes in Greek life, club athletic teams, and other academic and social organizations.

Our Ambassadors are passionate about Clemson Bioengineering and are experts on the program. They would love to share information with you!

Meet the Team

Riley RapertRiley Rapert (Lead Ambassador)
Graduate Student, M.S. 2021 | B.S. 2020
Hometown: Franklin, TN

 Hi! My name is Riley, and I’m a current M.S. Student who graduated from Clemson with my B.S. in Bioengineering in May 2020. During undergrad, I explored research opportunities with a handful of Clemson professors, studied abroad in Singapore, co-oped with Johnson & Johnson, and interned with Becton Dickinson & Co. I served as student outreach coordinator for the Clemson Bioengineering Organization and enjoy volunteering. Currently, I am completing a Master’s project where I am designing a novel, medical device for the management of Chronic Kidney disease. I hope to use my past experiences to help me get a job in medical device R&D when I graduate. In my free time, I love hiking the Clemson area and trying new recipes!

Sydney BrownSydney Brown
Senior, B.S. 2021
Hometown: Franklin, TN

My name is Sydney Brown, and I'm a second semester senior in BioE with a concentration in Biomaterials. Over the course of my time here at Clemson, I have been involved in many student organizations, including Greek life. I did a Co-Op with Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson company, doing Quality Engineering, and I also completed a summer internship doing analysis on big data. I have done several Creative Inquiries within the department, including a Bioradiation CI and an Innovation CI where I am working with a team on a project we came up with and are pursuing on our own. After graduation, I will be entering a career in consulting.

Christina HummelChristina Hummel
Senior, B.S. 2021
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Hello! My name is Christina Hummel and I am a senior in Bioengineering at Clemson! Throughout my undergrad, I have been involved in research here at Clemson doing cardiovascular tissue engineering and completed a Research Experience for Undergrads (REU) at the University of Pennsylvania doing cell therapy. I completed an internship with Arthrex (a medical device company) and have been part of different campus organizations including Clemson Club Swimming and Tau Beta Pi. I am really passionate about Clemson and our bioengineering program and I love giving tours and speaking to prospective students!

Erica HoskinsErica Hoskins
Senior, B.S. 2021
Hometown: Charleston, SC

Hi, I’m Erica! I’m a senior Bioengineering major with a concentration in Biomaterials. I have participated in both the Co-op program with Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon, and Clemson BioE's study abroad to Tokyo, Japan where I completed research. My favorite activities in Clemson include watching any and all sports and finding new places to explore.

Katie Wright Katie Wright
Junior, B.S. 2022
Hometown: North Augusta, SC

My name is Katie Wright, and I’m a junior bioengineering major with a concentration in biomaterials. I am involved in BIOE Student Advisory Council, Greek life, F45, and two Creative Inquiry projects! I completed the Clemson BIOE study abroad in Pamplona, Spain and my research at Clemson includes working with doctors to design medical devices.

Alex TedeschiAlex Tedeschi
Junior, B.S. 2022
Hometown: Dallas, TX

Hi, I am Alex Tedeschi, a junior Bioengineering student with a concentration in biomaterials! Within BioE I enjoy being a Bioengineering ambassador, part of the Bioengineering Student Advisory Council, and conducting departmental honors research with a focus on designing medical technology for the developing world. My other involvements include Greek life, being a fitness instructor, and volunteering with various organizations on campus.

Ashley Babinchak Ashley Babinchak
Junior, B.S. 2022
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC

Hi! My name is Ashley Babinchak and I am a current junior in Bioengineering with a minor in Business Administration. Additionally, I plan to complete the Orthopedic Medical Device Product Specialist Certificate (in partnership with Arthrex) at Clemson before I graduate to begin a career in Medical Device Sales. At Clemson, I’ve participated in many research experiences ranging from synthesizing crystals, 3D-printing, radiation, and I even spent the summer after my freshman year at a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program researching a way to use gene therapy and stem cells to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. Outside of the classroom, I am a front desk worker for the Honors College, on the Student Advisory Council for the Department of Bioengineering, and involved with Greek life!

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