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ECE Undergraduate Ambassadors

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Ambassadors are student volunteers who are passionate about ECE at Clemson University. They meet with prospective students and their families to provide a student perspective on their various Clemson experiences.

Meet our Ambassadors

Read about how our ambassadors' are involved on campus and within the department.

NAME: Caleb Brown
MAJOR: Computer Engineering
CLASS: May 2020

CO-OP/INTERNSHIP OR RESEARCH EXPERIENCES: I have worked two summers for L3 Harris in an electrical engineering position, one semester for John Deere as a EE focusing on small tractor electronics, and now work for GUI, a subset of Ebtron, helping develop firmware and tests for airflow meters. I also through CU ICAR and on my own do research on autonomous lawnmowers.

WHY I CHOSE CLEMSON AND ECE: Well I grew up a Clemson fan and I always loved the atmosphere that exists at Clemson so I was pretty much going to Clemson since the first grade. I liked computers but actually wanted to learn how they worked and I enjoyed math so I became a computer engineer.

MY FUTURE GOALS: To build an autonomous lawnmower and retire at 35 with my wife and future Clemson QB, RB, WR, DB son.


NAME: Emma Cohen
HOMETOWN: Isle of Palms, SC
MAJOR: Electrical Engineering
CLASS: May 2020
CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: On campus, I am involved with Greek life, intramural sports, undergraduate research, and various clubs including SCUBA club, aviation club, and amateur radio club. 

CO-OP/INTERNSHIP OR RESEARCH EXPERIENCES: I interned the summer going into my senior year at Santee Cooper, a power company based out of Moncks Corner, SC, and have done undergraduate research in human-machine interfacing for autonomous vehicles through Clemson's automotive research facility.

WHY I CHOSE CLEMSON AND ECE: I remember during my tour of Clemson my junior year of high school, everyone we interacted with was so friendly and helpful. I wanted to come to a school that would feel like home, and I knew this was the right place for me. I've known that I wanted to be an electrical engineer since I was very young. My dad bought me games such as "snap circuits" and math puzzle games when I was young, and I was fortunate enough to go to a high school that offered engineering classes.

MY FUTURE GOALS: After graduating from Clemson, I have been accepted to Clemson's direct-entry Ph.D. program based in Charleston, SC. There, I will be working towards my Ph.D. and participating in research surrounding power applications and solutions.

FAVORITE CLEMSON EXPERIENCE: The best thing about my Clemson experience has been all the amazing friends I have made over the past three years. Through clubs, Greek life, and ECE I have met lifelong best friends that I cannot imagine saying goodbye to in May!

NAME: Katherine Coode
HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN
MAJOR: Computer Engineering
CLASS: May 2020
CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Clemson FCA, Student Government,  Clemson University Legacy Day Planning Committee, Creative Inquiry (Future Engineers afterschool program at Clemson Elementary), Study Abroad. 

WHY I CHOSE CLEMSON AND ECE: I chose Clemson because it felt like home. Two of my older siblings chose Clemson for themselves and I told myself when starting the college search that I wanted to go my own way, but when it came to decision time, there was no campus or community that made me feel as welcome, wanted, or at home as Clemson and that feeling of belonging has grown exponentially over the past four years. I chose ECE thanks to the Engineering 1000 seminar course and hearing from some industry professionals about their lives in the "real world"!

MY FUTURE GOALS: After graduation, I will be working full time for a private healthcare technology company in their leadership development rotational program.

FAVORITE CLEMSON EXPERIENCE: It is the little moments that make Clemson so special -- like walking across Library Bridge and seeing a friend, throwing a football on Bowman on a nice day, or singing the Alma Mater on the field after a football win.

NAME: Nicole D'Amato
HOMETOWN: Summerville, SC
MAJOR: Electrical Engineering
MINOR: Accounting
CLASS: May 2022
CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: PEER WISE Tutor, Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Catholic Student Association, Clemson Fencing 

CO-OP/INTERNSHIP OR RESEARCH EXPERIENCES: I've had internship experiences at Wave Sciences LLC in 2018-2019 and at NetCentric Management Associates Inc. in 2017

WHY I CHOSE CLEMSON AND ECE: I fell in love with Clemson when I came and toured the university the first time. There was just something about how beautiful the campus was, decked in autumn leaves, and how the students seemed to be so unbelievably happy here. It was for that reason that I felt a sense of home, and Clemson became my first choice when applying. I knew this choice was even more correct, when by coincidence the summer before I came to college, I started working for a Clemson alumnus. He was an inventor with his masters in electrical engineering, and the things that he invented were absolutely astonishing. While I was there for a business internship, I became absolutely entranced with a broad amount of things that could be done with a degree in electrical engineering. From the lessons that I learned with that internship, I became convinced that I could do amazing things with an electrical engineering skillset. So, at my freshman orientation, I decided to choose ECE and never look back.

MY FUTURE GOALS: As I have progressed through the electrical and computer engineering program here at Clemson, I have learned to appreciate the pursuit of higher knowledge about this discipline. Electrical engineering has so many vast fields and applications, so I hope in the future to continue my studies, that I may specialize in a field worth contributing to. I would eventually like to get my Ph.D. in electrical engineering so that I can teach future generations why this discipline is important, and help foster their growth so that they can find the same love and passion that I have.

FAVORITE CLEMSON EXPERIENCE: Homecoming is definitely my favorite week at Clemson. There is nothing quite like working on the float with my sorority sisters. When it’s float time, we hang out all hours of the day, listening to classic rock and country music while pomping. It's so much fun to watch everyone pitch in and decorate Bowman field. All of the floats are really creative so when they're done, I and my friends will walk around and see what everyone has made. Even for the people who are not part of Greek life, this tradition is something that really brings us together as a Clemson family, which is why it's so special to me.

NAME: Drew Maichle
HOMETOWN: Dunwoody, GA
MAJOR: Electrical Engineering
CLASS: May 2022

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Rock Climbing Club and Guitar

WHY I CHOSE CLEMSON AND ECE: I toured Clemson during homecoming week and the energy on campus was absolutely contagious. From that moment, I knew Clemson is where I wanted to be. My first introduction into ECE was in High School when tried to build a circuit for a Guitar Effect Pedal. I wasn't sure about ECE until I took the ENGR 1000 seminar my first semester which made me confident that ECE is the field I want to pursue.

MY FUTURE GOALS: I am hoping to pursue an Electronics focus and find a job in that field. I also hope to eventually design my own guitar effects!

FAVORITE CLEMSON EXPERIENCE: There is absolutely nothing like Death Valley on a Saturday.

2020 Spring ECE Tour Presentation

2020 Senior ECE Ambassadors
May 2020 Senior ECE Ambassadors, Caleb Brown, Emma Cohen, and Katherine Coode