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Defense Schedule






Presented By/Advisor

January 31

3:00 pm

Brackett 342

A Meta-Analysis of the Enantioselective Biodechlorination of Selected Chiral Polycychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBS)

Eric Boley/Dr. Cindy Lee

February 8

9:00 am

Rich Lab Conference Room 164

Quantifying Aqueous Plutonium Using Hybrid Extractive Scintillating Resin

Amruta Pujari/Dr. Timothy DeVol

April 13

3:00 pm

Brackett 342

Environmental Impact Predictions for Disposal of Emerging Energy Technologies in Solid Waste Landfills:  Application to Lithium Ion Batteries and Photovoltaic Modules

Kayla Kilgo/Dr. Brian Powell and Annick Anctil

May 24

2:00 pm

Brackett Conference Room #342

Feasibility Study of Thermal Treatment for Mercury Recovery from Soils

Thomas Spain/Dr. Ron Falta

June 6

2:00 pm

Brackett Conference Room #342

Characterization Of Cultivation An High Valuable Products From Marine Protists, Thraustochytrim Striatum

Rui Xiao/Dr. Yi Zheng

June 18

10:00 am

Brackett Conference Room #342

Biocementation of Martian Regolith

Jason Gleaton/Dr. Yi Zheng

June 21

10:30 am

Rich Lab Conference Room #164

Animal CO-Products as Novel Electron Donors for Biodegradation of Trichloroethene and Hexavalent Chromium

Alexander Rogier/Dr. Kevin Finneran

June 22

2:00 pm

Rich Lab Conference Room #164

Influence of Methane Inhibitors and High Molecular Mass Electron Donors on Chlorinated Solvent Biodegradation

Morgan Ivey/Dr. Kevin Finneran

June 22

11:00 am

CETLConference Room 

The Influence of In-Situ Activated Carbon on Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents

Kameryn McGee/Dr. Kevin Finneran

June 25

1:30 pm

Watts Family Innovation Center

Effects of Dissolved CO2 on Geologic Mapping of the Northern Third of the Six Mile 7.5-Minure Quadrangle

Victoria Sellers/ Dr. James Castle
June 26 9:00 am

Rich Lab Conference Room #164

Effects of Dissolved CO2 on Organic and Inorganic Fouling and Cleaning of RO Membranes

Victoria Guerrero/ Dr. David Ladner
July 5 2:00 pm

Brackett Conference Room #342

Hydrogeologic and Geomorhic Processes in a Wastewater Spray Irrigated Agricultural System Located  In a Karstic Seasonably-Cold Climate

Timothy Daniel/ Dr. Christophe Darnault
July 6 2:00 pm

Brackett Conference Room #342

Modeling and Designing a Hydraulic Source Zone Isolation System

Yoel Gebrai/ Dr. Ron Falta
July 12 1:00 pm

Rich Lab Conference Room #164

Biodegradation of Chlorobenzenes and Nitrotoluenes at an Industrial Site in South America

Maria Cristina Silva Lemes/ Dr. David Freedman
July 16 9:00 am

CETL Conference Room 

Examination Of Technetium Transport through Soils Under Contrasting Redox Conditions

Rebecca Dozier/Drs. Stephen Moysey, Brian Powell
July 17 12:00 pm

Brackett Conference Room #342

A Visual Data Analysis Of The Toxics Release Inventory

Theodore Langlois/Drs. Elizabeth Carraway and Michael Dale
Nov 19 10:00 am

CETL Conference Room 

Risk Assessment an Analysis of Various Radiation Safety Cultures in a University Setting

Caitlin Root/Dr. Nicole Martinez
Dec 14  2:30 pm

 Rich lab Conference Room #164

Development and Characterization of Extractive Scintillating Resins for Determination of Ultra-Low-Level Plutonium in Aqueous Systems William Fullmer/Dr. Tim DeVol
Factors Affecting Formation and Speciation of Disinfection By-Products (DBPS) In Efluent  Impacted Waters During ChlorinationNuman Habip/Dr. Tanju Karanfil