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Mechatronics Series

Spring 2017

Speaker Series Fridays at 4:00PM in 215 Fluor Daniel

2/3 Mitch McGaughy “Single Stage Thermo*Acoustic Engine”
2/24 Jessica Manning / Hallie Stidham “Oil Impulse Driver – Modeling”
3/3 Abby George “Energy Harvesting of Automatic Winding Devices”
3/10 Charles Wang “Haptic Interface Design”
3/31 Shervin Shoai Naini / Allen Huang “Active / Passive Thermal Bus”
4/7 Cody McKenzie “Diesel Engine Emission Control”
4/14 Austin Dollar “Connectivity & Anticipation in Autonomous Driving Control”
4/21 Zaker Syed “Heat Exchanger Designs”
4/28 Longsheng Jiang "Domain Search Task with a Multi Robot-Human Team"

Note: Presentations in the Mechatronics Forum should be 25 minutes in length followed by a 10 minute Question & Answer (Q&A) session similar to the American Controls Conference (ACC) procedure.