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Mechatronics Series

Spring 2017

Speaker Series Fridays at 4:00PM in 215 Fluor Daniel

“Mobile Human Energy Harvester – Model & Test”
14 Sep Charles Wang “Continuum Robot Control based on Virtual Discrete Jointed Robot Models”
21 Sep Abby George
28 Sep Maziar Fooladi Mahani

“Trust based Run Time Verification for Multi Quad Rotor Motion Planning with a Human in Loop”

5 Oct Beau Pollard and Vitaliy Fedonyuk
12 Oct R. Austin Dollar “Optimal Vehicle Guidance on Multi-Lane Roads”
19 Oct Junkui (Allen) Huang

“HEV Battery Thermal Management System”

26 Oct Tyler Ward “Model & Control of Compliant Limb Mechanism”
9 Nov Shervin Shoai Naini “Validation of an Electric Motor Cooling System”
16 Nov Zaker Syed  “Modeling and Control of Multiple Heat Exchangers”
16 Nov Tyler Ard  “High Fidelity Traffic Simulations with Applied Optimal Control and Big Data”

Note: Presentations in the Mechatronics Forum should be 25 minutes in length followed by a 10 minute Question & Answer (Q&A) session similar to the American Controls Conference (ACC) procedure.