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Dr. John R. Saylor


Office: 229 Fluor Daniel Building
Phone: (864) 656-5621
Fax: (864) 656-4435

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J. R. Saylor joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000. Prior to coming to Clemson he worked at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, D.C., where he conducted research on fluid mechanics and heat transfer problems related to the utilization of satellite infrared imagery for remote sensing of underwater objects. Upon receipt of his Ph.D. in 1993, Dr. Saylor worked for two years as the senior scientist of a high technology startup company, investigating the use of microscale fluid mechanics in miniaturized medical technology devices. Dr. Saylor is a member of the American Physical Society (APS), The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and Sigma Xi. 


PhD, Yale University, 1993
M. Phil, Yale University, 1993
MS, University of Minnesota, 1989
BS, SUNY at Buffalo, 1986 

Research Interests

Interfacial heat and mass transfer, surfactant monolayers, particle scavenging, and drop optics. 

Selected Publications 

B.H. Mills, Saylor, J. R., F.Y Testik,"An experimental study of Mesler entrainment on a surfactant-covered interface: The effect of drop shape and Weber number," AiChE J. vol. 58, pp. 46-58, (2012). 

S.M. Bower. and Saylor, J. R., "The effects of surfactant monolayers on free surface natural convection," Int. J. Heat & Mass Trans. vol. 54, pp. 5348-5358, (2011). 

R.J. Lee & Saylor, J. R., "The effect of a surfactant monolayer on oxygen transfer across an air/water interface during mixed convection," Int. J. Heat & Mass Trans. vol. 53, no. 17, pp. 3405-3413 (2010). 

B.K. Jones & Saylor, J. R., "Axis ratios of water drops levitated in a vertical wind tunnel," Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, vol. 26, no. 11 pp.2413-2419, (2009). 

S.M. Bower, J. Kou & Saylor, J. R., "A method for the temperature calibration of an infrared camera using water as a radiative source," Rev. Sci. Instrum. vol. 80, no. 9, 09517 (2009) 

John Saylor