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Volume V

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Portrait of William Bennett
by Thel Taylor

Two Elegies for William E. Bennett
by Paul Ramsey

Nid Archodd Duw I'r Fran Deui: A Memoir of Bill Bennett
by James R. Andreas

Two Birds with One Stone: Lapidary Re-Inscription in The Phoenix and the Turtle
by Marjorie Garber

The Idea of Time in Shakespeare's Second Historical Tetralogy
by Charles R. Forker

Shylock: "His stones, his daughter, and his ducats"
by Shirley Nelson Garner

Shakespeare and Dekker: Creative Interaction and the Form of Romantic Comedy
by Larry S. Champion

From the Street to the Stage: Pageantry in the History Plays
by Frances Dodson Rhome

"Age in Unnecessary": A Jungian Approach to King Lear
by H. R. Coursen

The True Chronicle History of King Leir and Shakespeare's King Lear: A Reconsideration
by Peter Pauls

Brutus' Motivation and Melancholy
by W. Nicholas Knight

Love's Labour Lost and the Marx Brothers
by Robert C. Fulton, III

Falstaff - A Trickster Figure
by Edith Kern

Darkness Lightened: A. L. Rowse's Dakr Lady Once More
by Paul Ramsey

Power to Hurt: Sonnets 109-10 and 117-20
by Michael Cameron Andrews

Prince Hal's Reformation Soliloquy: A "Macro-Sonnet"
by Dale C. Uhlmann

Shakespeare's Iago: The Kierkegaardian Aesthete
by William E. Bennett

The Gravediggers' Scene: A Unifying Thread in Hamlet
by William E. Bennett