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Volume VI

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Anne (Aside)
by Neil Graves

Augustinian Roots in Shakespeares's Sense of Tragedy
by Roy Battenhouse

"The Stocks of Barabas": Shakespeare';s Unfaithful Villains
by E. L. Dachslager

Duncan's Duplicity
by Rupin Desai

The Latter End of a Sea-Coal Fire: Sonnet 73
by Harold Dickey

The Case of the "Base Judean" Revisited
by Robert Fleissner

Baroque Formal Elements in Shakespeare's Trolius and Cressida
by Marvin Glasser

Shakespearean Tragedy: The Mind in Search of the World
by O. B. Hardison

Providence and the Text of Richard III
by Chris Hassel

The Boston Shakespeare Company Hamlet
by Bernice Kilman

Fortinbras, the Unkindest Cut of All
by Robert Wilson