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[edit] Summers' Bio

Joshua D. Summers, Professor in Mechanical Engineering and named College IDEaS Professor at Clemson University, co-directs the CEDAR Group (Clemson Engineering Design Applications and Research). Dr. Summers earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University researching design automation. Dr. Summers received his BSME and MSME from the University of Missouri-Columbia working on VR-based submarine design. Dr. Summers has worked at the Naval Research Laboratory (VR Lab and Naval Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence) and served on the Foreign Relations/Armed Services staff of Senator John D. Ashcroft. Dr. Summers’ research has been funded (~$6M) by government (NASA, NSF, US Army TACOM), large industry (BMW, Michelin, General Motors), and small-medium sized enterprises (Wright Metal Products, Hartness International, and others). Dr. Summers’ areas of interest include collaborative design, knowledge management, and design enabler development with the overall objective of improving design through collaboration and computation. The work has resulted in well over 220 peer reviewed publications. Dr. Summers teaching interests has resulted in introduction of four new courses in engineering design, revamping of the senior design program, and the introduction of an international study abroad experience for senior engineers. This research and teaching has been recognized with awards from SAE (Ralph Teetor Award and Arch T. Colwell Merit Award), TMCE (Outstanding Researcher Award), Innovision (Innovations in Education), the South Carolina Governor’s Award for Scientific Awareness, and others. Most significantly, Dr. Summers has been the advisor of record for five post-doctoral students, 6 completed PHD dissertations, 33 MS theses, 5 MS projects, two honor’s undergraduate thesis, and currently supervises over twenty graduate and undergraduate students. All four of his former post-doctoral advisees that completed their service and one PHD student are currently in academic positions at Clemson University, Texas State University, St. Louis University, North Texas University, and Florida Tech.

His curricula vitae is available on-line.

Dr. Summers may be reached by e-mail or phone (864.656.3295). His office is: EIB 250 and the labs are EIB 134, 135, 136.</div>

[edit] Personal Philosophy

I often ask students, high school, undergraduate, and graduate, what they want to be when they grow up. Often, this is a starting point for a conversation on trying to help them identify what their future goals are, but it can also be a more revealing window into who they are as a person. Rarely, though, do I ask myself this question. Perhaps it is because I have already grown up according to American tradition, after all I am nearly 40 years old. Perhaps it is because I have wanted to design things since first grade, wanted to be an engineer since third grade, wanted to be a mechanical engineer since fifth grade, wanted to teach engineering since eighth grade, and wanted to teach mechanical engineering design since my undergraduate days. Or, perhaps it is simply because I have never taken the time to ask myself this question. Ultimately, if asking this question of my students is a good self discovery process for them, then it should be a good process for me as well. Therefore, I start this essay with “What do I want to be when I grow up?”.

[edit] Teaching

I suppose that, first and foremost, I want to be a teacher. I enjoy teaching, helping people discover new ideas, encouraging students to grow, seeing furrowed brows change to “Aha!” expressions. Teaching is in my blood. Anyone that has had longer than a five minute conversation with me has learned that all my family, mother, father, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents, are teachers. I grew up going on vacations where we learned about presidents, the history of the west, or nature by visiting science museums, presidential libraries, and national parks. My parents always found opportunities to teach us new things, to have us read about new ideas, and to talk about it within the family. This was my first education, but not my last. Beyond the family, my greatest heroes have been teachers. I know that this sounds insincere and little corny, but it is the truth. I remember being frustrated with my third grade teacher for holding the entire class inside during recess because a few individuals spoke in class. This was not fair, in my third grade mind. I learned to struggle with the concept of shared accountability. I struggled with issues of fairness and justice. I spoke with my parents of this. I spoke with my teacher about this.

The concept of shared accountability at conflict with fairness and justice directly impacts my teaching philosophy as I strive to prepare students for challenges of collaboration. Team work is crucial in all my teaching endeavors, but individual responsibility is exposed through personal reflective essays and individual assignments. Ultimately, I am extremely proud of how students view me as, perhaps, tough but fair.

[edit] Advising


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[edit] Experience

[edit] Work Experience

Years Employer Location Position
1986-1991 Western Missouri Soccer League Kansas City, MO USSF certified soccer official
1988-1990 Stitt’s Industries Liberty, MO Electronics Assembly
1989-1991 Private Tutor Liberty, MO (five children, ages 8-12; topics: science, math, social studies)
1990-1991 Mid-Continent Public Library Liberty, MO Library Page
1991-1992 Missouri Future Problem Solving Columbia, MO Statewide Newsletter Editor and coordinator for high school competition judging
1992 Memorial Union Café Columbia, MO Janitor
1992-1993 University of Missouri Columbia, MO Intramural sports official (Soccer)
1992-1995 Mid-Missouri Soccer Columbia, MO USSF certified soccer official, Missouri State High School Athletic Associate certified soccer official
1992 Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority Columbia, MO Kitchen Staff
1992-1996 Montgomery Wards Columbia, MO sales associate (house wares, electronics, automotive)
1992-1993 Kansas City Power and Light Kansas City, MO summer engineering internship
1993-1995 Montgomery Wards Kansas City, MO sales associate (paint, window treatment, automotive)
1992-1993 Liberty Public Schools Liberty, MO Substitute Teacher (grades 5-12)
1993 Liberty Public Schools – Latchkey Liberty MO Summer Professor (French, Japanese, Aerodynamics)
1995 JC Penney’s Columbia, MO Sales Associate (window treatment)
1995-1997 Stevenson’s Inc. Columbia, MO purchasing agent (food and baby formula)
1997 Shell Engineering and Associates Columbia, MO CAD engineer and environmental auditor
1997 Square-D Columbia, MO assembly line worker for manual fabrication of circuit breakers
1996-1997 University of Missouri Columbia, MO Teaching Assistant (AutoCAD)
1997 University of Missouri Columbia, MO Research Assistant (Feature Based Design)
1997-1998 Louisiana Technological University Ruston, LA Research Assistant (Feature Based Design)
1997 JC Penney’s Alexandria, VA Sales Associate, (house wares)
1997-1998 Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC VR Lab Intern
1998 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Math, Engineering, and Science Achievement Program Liaison to High Schools and Junior High Schools
1998 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Minority Engineering Program tutor for math, physics
1998-2002 Private tutoring Tempe, AZ (1 student; electrical engineering undergraduate)
1999 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Technical Assistant, system administrator for UNIX and Windows research and teaching computing labs
1999-2000 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Teaching Assistant, junior machine design, senior advanced machine design, graduate design automation
1999-2002 Arizona State University Tempe, AZ Research Associate (Design Exemplar)
2002-2008 Clemson University Clemson, SC Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering
2003 Naval Research Laboratory Washington, DC ASEE Summer Faculty Fellow in Artificial Intelligence Lab
2006-2008 Soccer Officiating Clemson, SC FIFA, USSF, Collegiate, High School
2006- Engineering Consulting Clemson, SC (Rockwell Automation, Swimdock, EAI, Hoowaki)
2008-2012 Clemson University Clemson, SC Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
2012- Clemson University Clemson, SC Professor in Mechanical Engineering
2012-2013 Grenoble Institute of Technology Grenoble, France Visiting Professor

[edit] Teaching Experience

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[edit] Performance Metrics

[edit] Publications

  • Total Refereed Publications: 222
    • Summary Journal/Chapters: Journal = 49, Accepted/In-Press = 12, Book Chapters = 7; Total = 68
    • Summary Conference: Full Paper Review = 137, Abstract Reviewed = 17; Total = 154
  • Citation Information (Google Scholar, November 2012)
    • Citations = 881
    • cites/year = 62.93
    • cites/paper = 3.97
    • h-index = 13

The figure illustrates the publication trends (Refereed Journals and Books are taken together and Full and Abstract Refereed Conferences are taken together). The stages of my professional life are delineated for clarity (Figures generated May 2012).


[edit] Funding

Total Cumulative Funding: $5,809,832 (Summers’ Portion: $2,146,071)

The figure illustrates the funding trends with project totals distributed as expenditures. The vertical lines indicate academic career inflection points.


[edit] Advising

This figure illustrates the advising trends for graduate students. The red vertical line indicates the year that tenure was granted.

  • As an Associate Professor, from 2008-2012, I have personally advised and graduated 12% of all ME Graduate Students.


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