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The design group at Clemson University
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The courses listed here are the design courses that are suggested (or required) for undergraduate or graduate degrees in mechanical engineering at Clemson University. Many of these courses are taught by faculty of the CREDO lab. As new on-line syllabi become available, this site will be updated. Please be patient.

[edit] Undergraduate Education

The design curriculum in the Mechanical Engineering Department consists of several required courses and some elective courses. For more information visit the ME website.

In addition to the numerous design courses offered through the department, there are research opportunities for undergraduate students to study design through the AID Group and the CREDO lab. These projects are designed for completion in one to two semesters. The projects are intended for undergraduate research (ME 415, ME 493), summer research (REU program in Mechanical Engineering), or international exchange programs. Some of the projects may be acceptable as Master's projects (non-thesis). These projects provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about research in design automation. If you are interested in any of the projects, please contact Dr. Summers. See the website for a current listing of all available projects.

[edit] Graduate Education

The design curriculum in the Mechanical Engineering Department for graduate studies includes courses in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, management, and other departments. The curriculum is specially designed and tailored for the student's specific research topics. The graduate student and their committee work on developing suitable course plans with respect to their research. Additionally, the Mechanical Engineering Department has a list of core courses for Master's students. For more information visit the ME website. Some suggested courses for design include:

  • IE 8930 - Systems Engineering: Design for Assembly/Manufacturing (Summers: S14)
  • ME 655 - Design for Manufacturing (Paul) (Summers: S09, S08, S07, F05)
  • ME 671 - CAD/CAM Applications (Summers: S04) (Mocko: S06, F07)
  • ME 818 - Finite Elements (Thompson)
  • ME 870 - Design Theory and Methodology (Summers: F08, S06, F08, F09, F10) (Mocko: S07, S08)
  • ME 8730 - Research Methods for Collaborative Design (Summers: S14)
  • ME 893 - Design Automation for Mechanical Engineers (Summers: F07, S06, F03)
  • ME 893 - Research Issues in Collaborative Design (Summers: F05, F02)
  • ME 893 - Design Coaching (Summers: S09, F07, F06, F05, F04)
  • ME 893 - Design Informatics (S08)

Research topics and projects for graduate students are more intense than those designed for undergraduate research. Both Masters (thesis) and Ph.D. students are expected to develop their own research project, with guidance from the advisor and committee. Students will be guided through the process of conducting research, but do not expect to be handed a project with clear definition and scope. We expect more of our graduate students.

General Advice and Tips for Graduate Students

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