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Wenshan Wang is a Ph.D. student joined CEDAR and enrolled in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University in 2008. She received her B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Beihang University in 2006. She previously worked as a product engineer at China Resources (Holdings) Corporation, developing engineering products conceptual models and providing consultant services for government departments in China.

Wenshan’s research interests focus on modeling, multidisciplinary design optimization, decomposition methods, statistical analysis, and finite element analysis incorporated in the product design optimization process. The methodologies are applied to large-scale, and complex engineering system design problems, e.g., aircraft conceptual design, vehicle system design, structural stress analysis design, and highly coupled water pump system design, etc.


[edit] CONTACT

Office: 119 Fluor Daniel Building, Clemson, SC 29634-0921
Home: 843 Issaqueena Trail, Apt. 104, Central, SC 29630
wenshaw@clemson.edu, wenshanw821@gmail.com
Mobile: (+1) 864-633-7679
Facebook: Wenshan Wang
LinkedIn: Wenshan Wang



Clemson University, Aug 2008 - Aug 2012 (Expected)
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing
Minor in Mathematical Sciences, Operation Research
Dissertation: Network Target Cascading for Optimal Design of Decomposed Systems
Advisor: Dr. Georges M. Fadel
Co-Advisor: Vincent Blouin
Courses: Advanced Design Methodologies, Engineering Optimization, Advanced Strength of Materials, Optimization through Integration, Mathematical Programming, Introduction to Finite Element Analysis, Modern Control Engineering, Advanced Finite Element Analysis, Multicriteria Optimization, Network Flow Programming, Matrix Analysis.

Beihang University, Jul 2002 - Jul 2006
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering


ME 870 - Advanced Design Methodologies
ME 871 - Engineering Optimization
ME 632 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials
ME 818 - Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
ME 820 - Modern Control Engineering
ME 852 - Advanced Finite Element Analysis
MthSc 988 - Optimization through Integration
MthSc 810 - Mathematical Programming
MthSc 819 - Multi-criteria Optimization
MthSc 814 - Network Flow Programming
IE 660 - Quality Improvement Methods
IE 804 - Manufacturing Systems Planning and Design
ENGL 314 - Technical Writing

MthSc 805 - Data Analysis
MthSc 807 - Applied Multivariate Analysis
Econ 640 - Game Theory


Network Target Coordination for Large-scale Engineering Systems, 2008.8 – current
CEDAR, Clemson SC
Conduct general research in the area of computation and analysis for solving Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) problems with decomposition methods; Specialized in augmented Lagrangian Coordination for analytical target cascading; Developed and applied the sub-gradient methods and cutting plane methods to solve large-scale engineering system design problems; Focuses on developing a methodology for the optimization of complex systems designs which accounts for its dynamic complexity using network optimization, mutiobjective optimization, and MDO techniques.

Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Commercial Car System Design, 2010.7-2010.8
ESTECO. North America, Novi MI
Applied the multivariate methods to analyze data collected from the automotive industry for better understanding the market requirements and product design improvements using the modeFRONTIER software.
Presentation of Applied Principal Component Analysis of modeFRONTIER

Ants-foraging Global Optimization for Complex System Design, 2010.6
New England Complexity System Institute, MIT, Cambridge MA
Finished the ants-foraging global optimization algorithm and the city-emerging modeling algorithm after learning two intensive week-long lectures and supervised projects in related to complex system theory.
Report of Ant-Line Optimization

Mathematical Modeling for Remote Sensing Satellite, 2005.8 - 2006.8
Aircraft and Structure Design Lab., BUAA, Beijing China
Developed mathematical models for a remote sensing satellite, applied a genetic algorithm to optimization the system design problem and conducted the sensitivity analysis to this problem.

Failure Analysis for Composite Sandwich Structure, 2005.8
China Academy of Space Technology, Beijing China
Developed a reinforcement design method for a composite sandwich structure based on failure analysis using FEA tools and methods.


Graduate Research Assistant
Clemson University, Aug. 2008 - present
Optimization design for large-scale complex engineering system

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Clemson University, Jan. 2010.1 - May. 2010
Help my advisor Dr.Fadel teach the course of ME 871 - Engineering Optimization

Statistical Analyst Intern
ESTECO Srl, Novi MI, Jun. 2010 - Aug. 2010
Applied the multivariate methods to analyze data collected from the automotive industry for better understanding the market requirements and product design improvements using the ModeFRONTIER software.

Product Engineer
China Resources (Holdings) Corporation, Beijing, May 2006 - Feb 2008
Designed a linear and inertial friction welding machines used in the manufacture of pot-type elastomeric pad bearings for constructing high-speed rail system in China.

Structural Analyst Intern
Honeywell, Shanghai, Jun. 2003 - Aug. 2003
Involved in the Undergraduate Internship program to conduct composite material mathematical modeling



W. Wang, V. Blouin, M. Gardenghi, M.M. Wiecek, G.M. Fadel and B.C. Sloop, “Cutting plane methods for analytical target cascading with augmented Lagrangian coordination,” submitted to Journal of Mechanical Design, 2011.
M. Gardenghi, M.M. Wiecek, and W. Wang, “Bi-objective optimization for analytical target cascading: optimality vs. achievability,” submitted to Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 2011.


W. Wang, V. Blouin, M.K. Gardenghi, M.M. Wiecek, G.M. Fadel and B.C. Sloop, “A cutting plane method for analytical target cascading with augmented Lagrangian coordination,” in Proc. of ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Montreal, Canada, Aug 2010, pp.791-800.


Travel Grants for IDETC, 2011
Travel Grants for IDETC, 2010
First Prize People’s Fellowship for College Students in China, 2006
First Prize Dean’s Fellowship for Excellent Students in School of Astronautics, 2004
First Prize Dean’s Fellowship for Excellent Students in School of Astronautics, 2005
First Prize Practice Report Appraisal Competition for Excellent Student, 2005
College Student Leaders Award for Excellent Student, 2004
Second Prize Innovation Design Contest for Excellent Student, 2004
Academic Excellence Fellowship for College Student in School of Astronautics, 2003


Lab Assistant, Wind Tunnels for Elementary Schools, 2011
Toastmaster, Clemson University, 2008 - 2010

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