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Hire a student

Here are a few things to know about hiring student workers.

  1. There are two types of student employees:
    1. Regular Student Employee
    2. Federal Work Study
      1. Federal Work Study Program (FWS) provides jobs for undergraduate students who have established financial need through the submission of FAFSA.
      2. FWS students have 75 percent of their hourly rate paid by the government. The remaining 25 percent is paid by the department that employs these students.
      3. FWS students work only until the award is earned. They are able to work only during the fall and spring semesters (no summer jobs).
  2. Students are paid biweekly, and paychecks are automatically deposited into students’ bank accounts. Since work-study earnings are paid directly to students, the money cannot be credited to a student’s Clemson account for satisfaction of University charges.

Next Steps

For a Regular Student Employee
  1. Go to
    1. If you are a new employer, sign up by following the employer link — you will receive approval within 24 hours.
  2. Log on to the employer link with the following:
    1. username (e-mail address)
    2. password (one you created or was sent to you during login).
  3. Select “Create a Non-OCR Job Posting” and post your job opportunity for students.
  4. Receive student applications through e-mail and hire an outstanding Clemson student to work in your office.
For a FWS Student
  1.  Fill out a paper Position Request (PQ) form and send to a FWS coordinator, G01 Sikes Hall, fax to 864-656-1831 or e-mail to
    1. PQs are e-mailed yearly to the individual in each department who is responsible for the payroll as well as supervisors of job positions from previous year.
  2. The FWS coordinator will post your job on, allowing you to become a user and view your positions. NOTE: Only students who are eligible for the FWS program and have accepted their offered award will be able to apply for jobs.
  3. Once FWS students apply for your position, you will receive an e-mail from with the applicant’s job profile.
  4. Log in using your Clemson username to to view their profiles and applications.
    1. To view your positions, click on “Job Postings.”
    2. To view applicants, click on “View Applicants.”
  5. Contact students for further details and set up interviews.
  6. After selecting a student for hire and receiving confirmation from the student, click on “Hire” and complete the effective hire date.