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Ana C. Alba-Rubio, Ph.D.

Ana C. Alba-RubioAssociate Professor
Ph.D., Autonomous University of Madrid

Office: 207A Earle Hall
Phone: 864-656-0290
Website: Alba-Rubio Group
Twitter: @AlbaRubio_group

Research Interests
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Rational Design and Synthesis
Control of Catalyst Deactivation
Sustainable Processes


Rubio in office workingEducation

Ph.D., Autonomous University of Madrid
B.S., University of Malaga

Research Interests

Prof. Alba-Rubio’s research focuses on the rational design and synthesis of nanomaterials for catalysis and sensing applications. We are especially interested in producing fuels and materials sustainably and developing technologies to improve the human condition. Specific examples include:

  1. Development of dual-function materials for CO2 capture and conversion into methanol and higher alcohols.
  2. Development of soluble and reusable polymer (and hybrid) catalysts for HMF and levulinic acid production from glucose.
  3. Control of catalyst deactivation via encapsulation using wet chemical methods.
  4. Development of nanocomposites for the detection of hydroxyl free radicals and formaldehyde.

Recent Publications: Full List: Google Scholar

"Inverse Oxide/Metal Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol." K.F. Kapiamba, H.O. Otor, S. Viamajala, A.C. Alba-Rubio; Energy & Fuels.

"Tailoring the selectivity of Cu-based catalysts in the furfural hydrogenation reaction: Influence of the morphology of the silica support." C.P. Jiménez-Gómez, J.A. Cecilia, A.C. Alba-Rubio, A. Cassidy, R. Moreno-Tost, C. García-Sancho, P. Maireles-Torres; Fuel 319 (2022) 123827

"Electrochemical MoOx/Carbon Nanocomposite-Based Gas Sensor for Formaldehyde Detection at Room Temperature." H.Y. Alolaywi, S. Duanghathaipornsuk, S.S. Kim, C.-H. Li, J.R. Jinschek, D.-S. Kim, A.C. Alba-Rubio; Journal of the Electrochemical Society 168 (6) (2021) 067525.

"Poly(4-Styrenesulfonic Acid): A Recoverable and Reusable Catalyst for Acid Hydrolysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate." H. Abedsoltan, I.S. Omodolor, A.C. Alba-Rubio, M.R. Coleman; Polymer 222 (2021) 123620.

"Supersensitive CeOx-Based Nanocomposite Sensor for the Electrochemical Detection of Hydroxyl Free Radicals." S. Duanghathaipornsuk, D.-S. Kim, T.L. Phares, C.-H. Li, J. Jinschek, A.C. Alba-Rubio; Nanoscale 13 (2021) 5136-5144. 2021 Nanoscale Emerging Investigators.

"Detection Technologies for Reactive Oxygen Species: Fluorescence and Electrochemical Methods and Their Applications." S. Duanghathaipornsuk, E. Farrell, A.C. Alba-Rubio, P. Zelenay, D.-S. Kim; Biosensors 11 (2) (2021) 30.

"Plasma Catalytic Ammonia Synthesis on Ni Nanoparticles: The Size Effect." F. Gorky, A. Best, J. Jasinski, B.J. Allen, A.C. Alba-Rubio, M.L. Carreón; Journal of Catalysis 393 (2021) 369-380.

"Dual-Function Materials for CO2 Capture and Conversion: A Review." I.S. Omodolor, H.O. Otor, J.A. Andonegui, B.J. Allen, A.C. Alba-Rubio; Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59 (40) (2020) 17612-17631. ACS Editors' Choice. 2020 Class of Influential Researchers.

"Synthesis of CeOx-Decorated Pd/C Catalysts by Controlled Surface Reactions for Hydrogen Oxidation in Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells." R.K. Singh, E.S. Davydova, J. Douglin, A.O. Godoy, H. Tan, M. Bellini, B.J. Allen, J. Jankovic, H.A. Miller, A.C. Alba-Rubio, D.R. Dekel; Advanced Functional Materials (2020) 2002087.

"The Effects of Size and Content of Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles on a Composite Sensor for Hydroxyl Radicals Detection." S. Duanghathaipornsuk, F.A.O. Alateeq, S.S. Kim, D.-S. Kim, A.C. Alba-Rubio; Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 321 (2020) 128467.

"Encapsulation Methods for Control of Catalyst Deactivation: A Review." H.O. Otor, J.B. Steiner, C. García-Sancho, A.C. Alba-Rubio; ACS Catalysis 10 (2020) 7630-7656.

"Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Maleic Acid with Stoichiometric Amounts of Formic Acid in Aqueous Phase: Paving the Way for More Sustainable Succinic Acid Production." M. López Granados, J. Moreno, A.C. Alba-Rubio, J. Iglesias, D. Martín Alonso, R. Mariscal; Green Chemistry 22 (6) (2020) 1859-1872.

"Oxidation of Furfural in Aqueous H2O2 Catalysed by Titanium Silicalite: Deactivation Processes and Role of Extraframework Ti Oxides." A.C. Alba-Rubio, J.L. García-Fierro, L. León-Reina, R. Mariscal, J.A. Dumesic, M. López Granados; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 202 (2017) 269-280.

"Self-Assembly of Noble Metal Monolayers on Transition Metal Carbide Nanoparticle Catalysts." S.T. Hunt, M. Milina, A.C. Alba-Rubio, C.H. Hendon, J.A. Dumesic, Y. Román-Leshkov; Science 352 (6288) (2016) 974-978.

"PtMo Bimetallic Catalysts Synthesized by Controlled Surface Reactions for Water Gas Shift." C. Sener, T.S. Wesley, A.C. Alba-Rubio, M.D. Kumbhalkar, S.H. Hakim, F.H. Ribeiro, J.T. Miller, J.A. Dumesic; ACS Catalysis 6 (2) (2016) 1334-1344.

"Synthesis of Supported RhMo and PtMo Bimetallic Catalysts by Controlled Surface Reactions." A.C. Alba-Rubio, C. Sener, S.H. Hakim, T.M. Gostanian, J.A. Dumesic; ChemCatChem 7 (23) (2015) 3881-3886.

"Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide over Au-Pd Catalysts Prepared by Electroless Deposition." A.C. Alba-Rubio, A. Plauck, E. Stangland, M. Mavrikakis, J.A. Dumesic; Catalysis Letters 145 (12) (2015) 2057-2065.

"Reverse Water-Gas Shift on Interfacial Sites Formed by Deposition of Oxidized Molybdenum Moieties onto Gold Nanoparticles." R. Carrasquillo-Flores, I. Ro, M. Kumbhalkar, S. Burt, C.A. Carrero, A.C. Alba-Rubio, J.T. Miller, I. Hermans, G.W. Huber, J.A. Dumesic; Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (32) (2015) 10317-10325.

"Stabilizing Cobalt Catalysts for Aqueous-Phase Reactions by Strong Metal-Support Interaction." J. Lee, S.P. Burt, C.A. Carrero, A.C. Alba-Rubio, I. Ro, B.J. O’Neill, H.J. Kim, D.H.K. Jackson, T.F. Kuech, I. Hermans, J.A. Dumesic, G.W. Huber; Journal of Catalysis 330 (2015) 19-27.

"Synthesis of Supported Bimetallic Nanoparticles with Controlled Size and Composition Distributions for Active Site Elucidation." S.H. Hakim, C. Sener, A.C. Alba-Rubio, T.M. Gostanian, B.J. O’Neill, F.H. Ribeiro, J.T. Miller, J.A. Dumesic; Journal of Catalysis 328 (2015) 75-90.