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Marc R. Birtwistle, Ph.D.

Marc R. BirtwsitleAssociate Professor
Cancer Systems Biology and Pharmacology

Phone: 864-656-4557
Office: 219 Earle Hall


Ph.D., University of Delaware
B.S., Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests:

Cancer Systems Biology and Pharmacology

Throughout his research and teaching at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. Birtwistle developed strong expertise in cancer systems biology and pharmacology.

His research interest is in exploring how variability between individual cells influences both signaling in cancer cells and the response of cancers to therapies. He addresses these issues by combining experiments with mathematical modeling.

Dr. Birtwistle is the PI on three NIH grans. One is an R01 funded by NIGMS focused on understanding why seemingly identical human cells respond completely differently to the same treatments, having potential applications, for example, in partial drug responses in cancer. Another is an R21 from the Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies program of NCI focused on a new method for increased multiplexing of measurements from tumor biopsy sections. This can help improve diagnosis, prognosis, and selection of treatments. The third is with two other co-PIs at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai for a Data Generation Center in the LINCS consortium funded by the Common Fund--only six centers are awarded across the nation. His center is focused on developing signatures for cardiac toxicity associated with targeted treatments for cancer.

Selected Publications


Highly Multiplexed, Quantitative Tissue Imaging at Cellular Resolution
McCarthy, ME, Birtwistle MR.
Curr. Pathobiol. Opin. 2019

Mitochondrial origins of fractional control in regulated cell death
Santos LC, Vogel R, Chipuk JE, Birtwistle MR, Stolovitzky G, Meyer P.
Nat. Commun. 2019

A Multi-Center Study on the Reproducibility of Drug-Response Assays in Mammalian Cell Lines
Niepel M, Hafner M, Mills CE, Subramanian K, Williams EH, Chung M, Gaudio B, Barrette AM, Stern AD, Hu B, Korkola JE, LINCS Consortium, Gray JW, Birtwistle MR, Heiser LM, Sorger PK.
Cell Syst. 2019

Wilm’s tumor 1 promotes memory flexibility
Mariottini C, Munari L, Gunzel E, Seco JM, Tzavaras N, Hansen J, Stern SA, Gao V, Aleyasin H, Sharma A, Azeloglu EU, Hodes G, Russo SJ, Huff V, Birtwistle MR, Blitzer RD, Alberini CM, Iyengar R
Nat. Commun. 2019


Fluorescence Multiplexing with Spectral Imaging and Combinatorics
Holzapfel HY, Stern AD, Bouhaddou M, Anglin CM, Putur D, Comer S, Birtwistle MR.
ACS Comb. Sci. 2018

Validating Antibodies for Quantitative Western Blot Measurements with Microwestern Array
Koch RJ, Barrette AM, Stern AD, Hu B, Bouhaddou M, Azeloglu EU, Iyengar R, Birtwistle MR.
Sci. Rep. 2018

A Mechanistic Pan-Cancer Pathway Model Informed by Multi-Omics Data Interprets Stochastic Cell Fate Responses to Drugs and Mitogens
Bouhaddou M, Barrette AM, Stern AD, Koch RJ, DiStefano MS, Riesel EA, Santos LC, Tan AL, Mertz AE, Birtwistle MR.
PLoS Comput. Biol. 2018
Supplementary Materials and Code

Analysis of Copy Number Loss of the ErbB4 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase in Glioblastoma
Jones DC, Scanteianu A, DiStefano M, Bouhaddou M, Birtwistle MR.
PLoS One. 2018


The Library of Integrated Network-Based Cellular Signatures NIH Program: System-Level Cataloging of Human Cells Response to Perturbations
Keenan AB, LINCS Consortium
Cell Syst. 2017

A Comparison of mRNA Sequencing with Random Primed and 3'-Directed Libraries
Xiong Y, Soumillon M, Wu J, Hansen J, Hu B, van Hasselt JGC, Jayaraman G, Lim R, Bouhaddou M, Ornelas L, Bochicchio J, Lenaeus L, Stocksdale J, Shim J, Gomez E, Sareen D, Svendsen C, Thompson LM, Mahajan M, Iyengar R, Sobie EA, Azeloglu EU, Birtwistle MR.
Sci. Rep. 2017

Integrating Transcriptomic Data with Mechanistic Systems Pharmacology Models for Virtual Drug Combination Trials
Barrette AM, Bouhaddou M, Birtwistle MR.
ACS Chem. Neurosci. 2017

Mechanistic Systems Modeling to Improve Understanding and Prediction of Cardiotoxicity Caused by Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Shim JV, Chun B, van Hasselt JGC, Birtwistle MR, Saucerman JJ, Sobie EA.
Front. Physiol. 2017