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Christopher W. Norfolk , Ph.D.

Christopher W. NorfolkPrincipal Lecturer
Phone: 864-656-2798
Office: 145 Earle Hall

Christopher Norfolk with studentsEducation

Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, Chemical Engineering
M.S., University of Notre Dame, Chemical Engineering
B.S., Clemson University, Chemical Engineering

Courses Taught

• ENGR 1050/1060 - Introduction to engineering, problem-solving, and analysis using Excel
• ENGR 1070/1080/1090 - Engineering problem-solving using Matlab
• CHE 1300 - Chemical Engineering Tools
• CHE 3070/3071 - Unit Operations I
• CHE 4070/4071 - Unit Operations II
• CHE 3190 - Engineering Materials

Work Experience

• Consultant, Advanced Materials
• Program Manager, SCRA Applied R&D, Advanced Materials Division
• Assistant Adjunct Professor, Clemson University
• Postdoctoral Researcher, Army Research Laboratory

Research Interests

• My work with SCRA Applied R&D allowed me the opportunity to work in the area of prosthetics for wounded warriors. I continue to be active in this area, with a focus on how to produce prosthetic systems which prevent sweating and overheating of the patient’s residual limb. Previous work has resulted in the transition of advanced socket fabrication techniques to the industry, which allows sockets to be made with twice the strength-to-weight ratio, with half the skilled labor input, and with a cost savings of 27% over traditional fabrication methods. In addition, a device developed in collaboration with Porticos which was shown to eliminate 90% of the temperature rise associated with mild exercise in initial patient testing. The various aspects of this work and the teams working on it have been recognized regionally and nationally; major awards include the Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award (2011), the Przirembel Prize for Collaboration in Technology and Product Development (2012), and the Gold Stevie ® for Technical Innovation of the Year (2013) from the American Business Awards.
• Another passion of mine stems from both my work as a Program Manager for Advanced Materials Projects on behalf of the Department of Defense and my upbringing as the child of a career service member (United States Army). I have a deep appreciation for the military heritage here at Clemson and the sacrifices made by the men and women of our armed forces. I hope in the future to participate in research and service projects which will involve the military.

Fun Facts

• I brew mead (the fermentation of honey) and have won several medals in the Upstate Brewer’s Cup
• I do the majority of my own car repair, including replacing several engines
• I am doing the majority of a major renovation to the basement of my home