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Dr. Natalie Bursztyn

Bursztyn profileAdjunct Assistant Professor
Physical Science (Geology) Faculty
Quest University, Canada


Ph.D., Utah State University, Geology
MS, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, Engineering Geology
BS, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, Honors Engineering Geology

Research Interests:

I have a passion for finding creative ways to teach and communicate the importance of geology, for inspiring students to explore their environment, and for encouraging their natural awe and respect for the Earth. I have a broad range of geologic interests including geomorphology, wine and terroir, ore petrology, sustainable and renewable energy resources, and paleontology. My research is focused on geoscience education, especially building classroom scale physical models of Earth systems and seamless integration of smart technology in learning experiences. One of my hobbies is knitting geological representations, including 3D landscapes.

Recent Publications:

Jackson, D., Kaveh, H., Victoria, J., Walker, A., and Bursztyn, N., in press. Challenge-based approach to integrating an augmented reality sandbox into a high-enrollment introductory geoscience course engages students but still produces no learning gains: Journal of Geoscience Education.

Bursztyn, N., Shelton, B., Walker, A., and Pederson, J., 2017. Increasing undergraduate interest to learn geoscience with GPS-based augmented reality field trips on students’ own smartphones: GSA Today, 27(5):4-11.

Bursztyn, N., Walker, A., Shelton, B., and Pederson, J., 2017. Assessment of student learning using augmented reality Grand Canyon field trips for mobile smart-devices: Geosphere, v. 13, no. 2, p.1–9, doi:10.1130/GES01404.1.

Bursztyn N., Pederson J.L., Tressler C., Mackley R.D., and Mitchell K.J., 2015. Rock strength along a fluvial transect of the Colorado Plateau –quantifying a fundamental control in geomorphology: Earth and Planetary Science Letters v.429 p.90-100.

Bursztyn, N., Pederson J., Shelton, B., Walker, A. and Campbell, T., 2015. Universally accessible virtual geology field trips utilizing geo-referenced mobile game technology: International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology v.3 [2] p.93-100.