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Dr. Zahra Hazari

Dr. Zahra Hazari Associate Professor
Department of Teaching and Learning
STEM Transformation Institute
Affiliate Faculty, Department of Physics
Florida International University
Website: Zahara Hazari


Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Ph.D., University of Toronto, Physics, Physics Education
MS, University of Toronto, Physics, Physics Education
BS, Florida Atlantic University, Physics, Mathematics

Recent Publications

  • Hazari, Z., & Cass, C. (in press). Towards Meaningful Physics Recognition: What does this recognition actually look like? The Physics Teacher, accepted April 2018.
  • Hazari, Z., Farhangi, S., & Potvin, G. (in press). Micro-Agency: Measuring the initiation of agency within science classes. Journal of College Science Teaching, accepted August 2018.
  • Dou, R., Brewe, E., Potvin, G., Zwolak, J. P., & Hazari, Z. (2018). Understanding the development of interest and self-efficacy in active-learning undergraduate physics courses. International Journal of Science Education, 1-19.
  • Hazari, Z. (2018). STEP UP 4 WOMEN: Supporting Teachers to Encourage the Pursuit of Undergraduate Physics for Women. CSWP & COM Gazette, American Physical Society, 37(1), 1.