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Dr. Olga Kuksenok

Olga Kuksenok

Associate Professor

Phone: (864) 656-5956
Office: 299D Sirrine Hall


Dr. Kuksenok is currently an Associate Professor at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. She was formerly a Research Associate Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Kuksenok  received her Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1997.  Dr. Kuksenok’s research interests and accomplishments span the following areas of computational materials science: elastodynamics of responsive polymer gels, dynamics of multi-component polymer blends, biomimetic materials, pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems, complex fluids dynamics, and theory of heterogeneous liquid crystalline systems.


Ph.D., Institute of Physics, Kiev, Ukraine  (1997)
B.S., Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine  (1991)

Research Areas

Computational design of biomimetic materials
Theory and computer simulations of multi-component polymeric systems
Modeling pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems

Selected Publications

Choudhury, C.K, Kuksenok, O.   Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Native-Based Dissipative Particle Dynamics Approach for Alpha-Helical, Folding, Journal of Physical Chemistry B,, (2020)

Wei, L, Caliskan, T.D., Tu, S., Choudhury, C.K, Kuksenok, O, Luzinov, I. "Highly Oil-Repellent Thermoplastic Boundaries via Surface Delivery of CF3 Groups by Molecular Bottlebrush Additives", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (34), 38626-38637, (2020)

Choudhury, C. K., Palkar, V., Kuksenok, O. "Computational design of nanostructured soft interfaces: focus on shape changes and spreading of cubic nanogels”. Langmuir 36, 25, 7109–7123 (2020)

Tu, S., Choudhury, C. K., Luzinov, I., Kuksenok., O. "Recent advances towards applications of molecular bottlebrushes and their Conjugates”. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science , 23 (1), 50-61 (2019)

Savchak, O., Morrison, T., Kornev, K.G. and Kuksenok, O. Controlling deformations of gel-based composites by electromagnetic signals within the GHz frequency range. Soft matter, 14(43), 8698-8708 (2018)

Choudhury, C.K., Tu, S., Luzinov, I., Minko, S., Kuksenok, O., "Designing Highly Thermostable Lysozyme-Copolymer Conjugates: Focus on Effect of Polymer Concentration" Biomacromolecules 19 (4), 1175-1188 (2018)

Yadavalli N.S., Borodinov, N., Choudhury, C.K., Quiñones-Ruiz, T., Laradji, A.M., Tu, S., Lednev, I.K., Kuksenok, O., Luzinov, I., and S. Minko. "Thermal Stabilization of Enzymes with Molecular Brushes" ACS Catalysis 7 (12), 8675-8684 (2017)

He, X., Aizenberg, M., Kuksenok, O., Zarzar, L.D., Shastri, A., Balazs, A.C., Aizenberg, A. Synthetic homeostatic materials with chemo-mechano-chemical self-regulation. Nature, 487(7406), 214-218. (2012)