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Dr. Olga Kuksenok

Olga Kuksenok

Associate Professor

Phone: (864) 656-5956
Office: 299D Sirrine Hall


Dr. Kuksenok is currently an Associate Professor at the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Clemson University in Clemson, SC. She was formerly a Research Associate Professor at the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Kuksenok  received her PhD in Physics and Mathematics from the Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, in 1997.  Dr. Kuksenok’s research interests and accomplishments span the following areas of materials science: elastodynamics of responsive polymer gels, dynamics of multi-component polymer blends, biomimetic materials, pattern formation in non-equilibrium chemical systems, complex fluids dynamics, and theory of heterogeneous liquid crystalline systems. Dr. Kuksenok has co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed publications and 5 book chapters.


Ph.D., Institute of Physics, Kiev, Ukraine  (1997)
B.S., Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine  (1991)

Research Areas

Computational design of biomimetic materials
Theory and computer simulations of multi-component polymer blends 
Interfacial phenomena and surface properties
Pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems
Heterogeneous liquid crystalline systems

Selected Publications

Kuksenok, O., Balazs, A.C. (2015). Designing Dual-functionalized Gels for Self-reconfiguration and Autonomous Motion   Scientific Reports, 5, 9569.

Shastri, A., He, X., Mc Gregor, L., Liu, Y., Mujica, M., Vasquez, Y., Bhattacharya, A., Ma, Y., Aizenberg, M., Kuksenok, O., Balazs, A.C., Aizenberg. J. (2015) An aptamer-functionalized chemomechanically modulated biomolecule catch-and-release system, Nature Chemistry  7(5), 447-454.

Kuksenok, O., Deb, D., Dayal, P,  Balazs, A.C. (2014). Modeling Chemo-Responsive Polymer Gels. Annual Review of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering , 5, 35-54.

Yong, X.; Kuksenok, O., Matyjaszewski, K., Balazs, A.C. (2013). Harnessing Interfacially-Active Nanorods to Regenerate Severed Polymer Gels. Nano Letters, 13(12), 6269-6274.

Kuksenok, O.; Balazs, A.C., Modeling the Photoinduced Reconfiguration and Directed Motion of Polymer Gels. (2013). Advanced Functional Materials, 23 (36), 4601-461

Dayal, P.; Kuksenok, O.; Balazs, A.C., Reconfigurable assemblies of active, autochemotactic gels (2013) PNAS,  110 (2), 431-436.

He, X., Aizenberg, M., Kuksenok, O., Zarzar, L.D., Shastri, A., Balazs, A.C., Aizenberg, A. Synthetic homeostatic materials with chemo-mechano-chemical self-regulation. (2012). Nature, 487(7406), 214-218.

Yashin, V.V., Kuksenok, O., Dayal, P., Balazs, A.C., Mechano-chemical oscillations and waves in reactive gels.(2012). Rep. Prog. Phys 75(6), 066601.1-066601.40