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Volume XXV

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Part One: Shakespeare and the Arts

Beards and Broadway: Shakespeare and the Unacknowledged Agent
by Frances Teague

The Passion of the W: Provincializing Shakespeare, Globalizing Manifest Destiny from King Lear to Kingdom Come
by Courtney Lehmann

Observing Shakespeare's Lighting Effects
by Yu Jin Ko

A Bird of Another Feather: Will Shake-Scene's Belated Revenge
by David Lucking

Brass Reflections
by Michael H. Lythgoe

"The Sixth of July": Benedick's Letter and the Queen's Law
by Anny Crunelle-Vanrigh

Henry V and the Invasion of France: Rethinking the Moral Justification
by Clayton G. Mackenzie

The Bookbinder's Daughter
by James Magorian

Tableau Vivant and Ophelia
by Priscilla S. McKinney

The Bard of Avon
Gilbert Allen

Part Two: Performance Reviews

The Globe 2005 Season
by Michael W. Shurgot

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2005 Season
by Michael W. Shurgot

The 2005 Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Coriolanus and The Taming of the Shrew
by Craig Barrow

Clemson Shakespeare Festival XIV (2005), "Making the Beast": Actors from the London Stage Perform Othello
by John R. Ford

Part Three: Book Reviews

John E. Booty, ed. The Book of Common Prayer 1599: The Elizabethan Prayer Book.
Reviewed by Daniel Gibbons

Pamela Allen Brown and Peter Parolin, eds. Women Players in England, 1500-1660: Beyond the All-Male Stage.
Reviewed by Erika T. Lin

James Shapiro. A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599.
Reviewed by Georgia Brown

List of Illustrations

Droeshout engraving of Shakespeare in First Folio and memorial bust of Shakespeare in Holy Trinity Church

Gemma Larke as Desdemona and George Mayfield as Cassio, Clemson Shakespeare Festival 2005

Matt Costain as Aerialist, Globe Season 2005Players from Pericles, Prince of Tyre, Globe 2005

Juliet Rylance as Perdita and David Sturzaker as Florizel, Globe 2005

Yolanda Velazquez as Hermione and Paul Jesson as Leontes, Globe 2005

John Pribyl as Don Adriano de Armando and Julie Oda as Moth, Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2005

Ray Porter as Costard and Derrick Lee Weeden as Boyet, OSF 2005

Ray Porter and Jonathan Haugen, OSF2005

Robert Sinclair as Sir Toby Belch, Suzanne Irving as Maria, Richard Farrell Feste, and Christopher DuVal as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, OSF 2005

Robin Goodrin Nordii as Olivia and Linda K. Morris as Viola, OSF 2005

Robert Vincent Frank as Fabian, Robert Sinclair as Sir Toby Belch, Suzanne Irving as Maria, and Kenneth Albers as Malvolio, OSF 2005

James Newcomb as Richard III, OSF 2005

Sonja Lanzener as Volumnia and Ray Chambers as Coriolanus, Alabama Shakespeare Festival 2005

Ray Chambers as Coriolanus and Aaron Cabell as Aufidius, ASF 2005

John Pasha as Lucentio, Sam Gregory as Hortensio, and Julia Watt as Bianca, ASF 2005

Kathleen McCall as Kate and Douglas Rees as Petruchio, ASF 2005

Paul McCleary as Iago, CSF 2005

Gemma Larke as Desdemona, CSF 2005

Andrew Dennis as Othello and Paul McCleary as Iago, CSF 2005