Surveys & Indirect Measures

The Office for Institutional Assessment strives to expand the capacity for assessment at Clemson to enrich data-driven continuous improvement and innovations. Towards this goal, the Office provides resources and services for creating and using indirect measures, such as surveys and focus groups. If you would like to distribute a survey at Clemson, need help developing your survey in Qualtrics or Baseline, or have any other survey-related question, please use the links below or email

I would like to distribute a survey at Clemson
I would like to create a data management plan for my survey
I have a survey-related question or need help with Qualtrics/Baseline

To help you prepare, PDF versions of the forms can be found here (Request to Distribute a Survey at Clemson; Data Management Plan for Surveys). Requests should be submitted through the links above. We look forward to working with you on your survey-based assessment.


Qualtrics 2021 Update: As of March 31, 2021 Qualtrics will be updating the interface to the Survey Editor platform. All existing functionality of these features will remain with the updates, aside from a minor change to the Catalog (project creation). For more information, please refer to the New Survey Builder Basic Overview provided by Qualtrics.