Office for Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment Planning and Reporting

The goal of assessment at Clemson University is to improve student learning and program / unit quality through an iterative process of planning, evidence collection, reporting, analysis and action.  Each academic program and administrative unit should conduct assessment on an ongoing basis* and should prepare an annual assessment report.  Programs and units should also establish an assessment committee to coordinate assessment activities, enhance assessment capacity, and ensure assessment continuity.

Programs and units can manage their assessment initiatives using Weave®, a Web-based assessment management system developed by Virginia Commonwealth University (U.S.).  This system supports program/unit-level planning, reporting and improvement, and enhances institutional reporting to SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation, program accreditation, and other accountability and improvement initiatives.  It also provides expanded capabilities in linking assessment activities to larger institutional perspectives including:

  • program-level strategic planning and assessment
  • assessment of distributed competencies
  • Clemson 2020 Road Map

A variety of assessment resources and training are available to enhance program/unit assess.  Contact the Office for Institutional Assessment for support of your assessment initiatives.

Annual Assessment Timeline*

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