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Transition Milestones



Canvas rolls out

All courses will be available to teach in Canvas and Blackboard during Spring Semester, and faculty may choose the system that best fits their needs for the term. Those faculty who were unable to explore Canvas during the Fall Semester will still have the luxury of trying Canvas at their leisure. Adoption of Canvas during this time is highly encouraged, however, as Blackboard will no longer be available for use after Spring Semester.

Review Training Opportunities January 1

Summer classes begin, Blackboard access is discontinued

In preparation for Blackboard's decommissioning on July 1, all Summer Semester courses will be taught in Canvas. Courses and content that have not been migrated from Blackboard to Canvas will still be available, but Blackboard is no longer available for course or workgroup use.

Request Migration AssistanceMay 17

Clemson has a new learning management system

Canvas becomes system of record for the university, and the Blackboard license ends. All active Blackboard courses and workgroups will have been migrated alternative platforms.

Log Into Canvas July 1