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Clemson Online provides several pathways for learning more about Canvas, depending on your needs. Click on the tabs below to determine which level of training is most appropriate for you:

Self-Paced Canvas Courses

Learn more about getting started with Canvas, visual design, or compliance and accessibility at your own pace in these Clemson Online Canvas Courses. Developed by our team of Digital Learning Strategists, these courses will allow you the freedom to explore Canvas without a strict timeline.

Click here to learn more about our Self-Paced offerings.

Clemson Online Training Events

Clemson Online offers general sessions periodically to meet the ever-changing needs of our users. These sessions include multiple learners and usually cover a specific topic or methodology. If you cannot find a session that meets your needs, we would suggest exploring our On-Demand Instruction.

Click here to learn more about Clemson Online Events

On-Demand Instruction

Clemson Online recognizes that finding extra time to attend a workshop is difficult. While quick questions can be answered either through ITHelp or a quick chat with Canvas, Clemson Online offers training by demand.

We can work with your schedule to guide you about:

If any of these topics interest you or if you have a special request, please contact us to set up a training session.