Identity Management (IDM)

Project Overview

When Clemson users login to university IT systems today, they do so by using an assigned, unique username and a secured password. Today Clemson supports a separate username for each user based on their affiliation with the university. For example, a student employee has two usernames - one for course work and the other for their job. The same is true for an employee taking a class. Each user is also assigned a unique ID# in the system related to their affiliation(s) – that is, Student Information Systems (SIS) and Human Resources (CUBS HR). Unfortunately, this current process is the root cause of several issues including multiple usernames, TigerOne badges, email addresses, and ID#'s for many campus users. So in order to resolve these issues, Clemson University is moving forward with an identity management initiative that has the following goals:

  • Have a single identity for each user at Clemson, regardless of their affiliation.  (Each identity will be assigned a unique cross-reference ID (or Xid) having a format of "C" followed by eight digits.  For example, C12345678.)
  • Have administrators more easily communicate about multi-role users across university systems through use of the Xid.
  • Have campus IT systems more easily communicate changes about a user's identity information through use of the Xid.

The four phases of the project can be seen from the Timeline link.  For general inquiries about the project, please email

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