CI (Cyberinfrastructure) Implementation Committee Focuses on Three Projects

By Chris Peters

To maintain the high momentum that CI Days at Clemson University ( generated in May 2008, faculty, IT staff, and undergraduate and graduate students formed the CI Implementation Committee. Each college as well as teaching, research, and service are represented.  Roy Pargas (School of Computing) chaired the committee 2008-2009, and Chris Peters (College of Education) served as vice-chair last year and is chair 2009-10.

By mid-fall 2008, the committee had established three subcommittees charged with developing CI project proposals.

One of those subcommittees designed three classrooms that will allow students in-class access to data, computing, and collaboration tools. The designs are renovations to the following spaces:

  •       M302 Martin Hall, offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences
  •       135 Lehotsky Hall, offered by the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences 
          (led by nursing faculty)
  •       One of two possible rooms at the University Center at Greenville

A second subcommittee proposed a course redesign project that would provide additional support to faculty and departments who want to incorporate more technology into their courses as they redesign curricula or individual courses. The emphasis of this project is on pedagogy to ensure that the quality of a Clemson University education is maintained during these hard economic times.

The third subcommittee is pursuing the development of a new productivity and collaboration tool. The goal is that the new system will allow employees and students to enter information one time and the system to then automatically populate the various programs and forms that require the same information. The collaboration piece will allow people to receive notices when someone with similar interests publishes an article, submits or receives a grant, or seeks collaborators.

CI Implementation Committee members are pursuing a wide range of avenues to obtain funding. Anyone interested in partnering with committee members on grants that might allow coupling similar projects with these projects are encouraged to speak with a CI Implementation Committee or Subcommittee member:

CI Implementation Committee
Jeff Adelberg
(Department of Horticulture)
Jeff Appling (Undergraduate Studies)
George Askew (PSA)
Dina Battista (School of Architecture) 2008 only
Jim Bottum (CCIT)
Neil Calkin (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
Jill Gemmill (CCIT and School of Computing)
Emily Gore (libraries)
Cynthia Haynes (Department of English) 2008 only
Nell Kennedy (School of Computing IT)
Krishna Madhavan (School of Computing) 2008 only
Andy Mount (Department of Biological Sciences)
Dan Noneaker (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Roy Pargas (School of Computing)
Jim Pepin (CCIT)
Chris Peters (College of Education)
Carla Rathbone (CCIT)
Kemper Talley (Undergraduate Student)
Tammy Vaught (Graduate Student)
Barbara Weaver (CCIT)
Sean Williams (Graduate School)
Jim Witte (Department of Sociology)

Grid-Enhanced Classroom Subcommittee
Steve Bronack (School of Education)
Neil Calkin (Department of Mathematical Sciences), Co-Chair
Chuck Heck (CCIT)
Kathy Hoellen (CCIT)
Nell Kennedy (School of Computing IT), Co-Chair
Nancy Meehan (School of Nursing)
Barbara Weaver (CCIT)
Jim Witte (Department of Sociology)

Course Redesign Subcommittee
Neil Calkin (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
Barbara Hoskins (College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences)
Nell Kennedy (School of Computing IT)
Chris Peters (College of Education)
Carla Rathbone (CCIT)
Luke Segars (Undergraduate Student)
Dan Warner (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
Barbara Weaver (CCIT), Chair

Productivity and Collaboration Subcommittee
Jim Witte (Department of Sociology), Chair 2008-09
Roy Pargas (School of Computing), Chair 2009-10
Wickes Westcott (Institutional Research)
Kemper Talley (Undergraduate Student)
Marjorie Campbell (CCIT)
Nathan Leech (CCIT)

Chris Peters is associate professor in the School of Education at Clemson University.

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