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The Telecommunications Office is a campus provider of goods and services related to telephone, data, video, and security communications. Services provided include local and long distance telephone services, telecommunications equipment installation and maintenance, data network wiring, dial-up data services, cable TV and closed circuit TV wiring, voice mail, campus emergency telephone services, call assistance and information, publication of the University telephone directory, pager services, wireless telephone services, and fire and security alarm systems.

Our mission is to provide the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors with the high quality telecommunications services they need for the most reasonable costs possible; to provide the University with outstanding fiscal performance, and to provide a rewarding work experience to our employees.

Campus and AT&T directories are online

Both the Clemson University Directory and the AT&T local directory (phone books) are now online. Each directory may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Clemson University Directory

AT&T Local Directory

Toll-Free Calling to Upstate SC

There are no long distance toll charges for calls from campus phones to most of the telephones in upstate South Carolina. Toll-free calling to Upstate SC is available on all faculty, staff, and resident student telephones that are part of the campus phone system.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th digits of a 10-digit telephone number make up the telephone exchange number. The University's telephone number is 864-656-3311, so it is in the 656 exchange. Calls to all telephone exchanges in the 864 area code except 513 and 936 will be toll-free. There will be charges for calls to those two exchanges near Clover, SC. Calls to six exchanges in the 828 area code near Columbus and Tryon, NC will also be toll-free. Those exchanges are 802, 817, 859, 863, 894, and 899.

You do not have to remember whether an exchange is toll-free or not when dialing a call. You should continue to dial calls to locations outside the regular Clemson toll-free area by dialing 9, then 1, then the 10-digit telephone number. If the exchange you are calling is toll-free, you will not be prompted for your authorization code and you will not be charged. If the exchange you are calling is NOT toll-free, you will be prompted for your authorization code and toll charges will apply.

Exchanges in the 828 Area Code that are toll-free:

"802, 817, 859, 863, 894, and 899" (Near Columbus and Tryon, NC).

Exchanges in the 864 Area Code that are not toll-free:

"513" and "936" (near Clover, SC)

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