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Is there a way to make my default home page something other than http://people.clemson.edu/~username?

If you want a page in your Novell space to be your home page then you must name it index.htm or index.html. The Clemson University Phonebook  web page has a link in it under each person's name for their home page. If you want some other page or web address to come up then you can do one of two things:

  1. Change your home page in the phonebook directly by going to http://www.clemson.edu/phonebook and clicking on My Record. At the bottom of your profile listing you will see a link to "Click here to enter an alternate URL for your homepage" where you can list the web address you want published instead of your Clemson default page.
  2. You can redirect your Clemson page to the location of your prefered home page. To do so you need to put the following lines in your index.htm file:

<meta  HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" Content="0;URL=http:newwebaddress">

where you replace newwebaddress with the web address of the page you want to appear when someone clicks on your link (i.e.  //hubcap.clemson.edu/~username/mypage.htm)

How can I add a search form to my site?

To create a search form for your website follow these instructions.

Is there a way to have my club or organization's web page listed on the Student Organizations Page?

Go to the Service Requests page, click on "Links", and fill out the appropriate form.

Can I write my own cgi's?

You can write your own cgi programs in both your personal web space and any Novell-based departmental or organization web space in either perl or php (php is preferred). You cannot use C or C++.

PHP is a very powerful language that requires no special editors and can be included inside your HTML code.  For more information on PHP see the PHP home page at http://www.php.net   At Clemson, if you want to create a PHP script name your file with the .php extension.  If there is proper php code embedded in your html, it will be run. No special editor is needed to write PHP scripts.

If you write them in Perl you must use the Programmer's File Editor to edit the cgi and save it with a .cgi extension as a "unix file". You can get a copy of PFE from http://www.lancs.ac.uk/people/steveb/cpaap/pfe/default.htm

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