What is Hangouts?

Google+ Hangouts is an application enabled as a part of Clemson Google Apps for Education that provides a method of creating, broadcasting, and/or recording an online meeting or class.

Open a browser and go to, log in using your Clemson Google Apps for Education login and password. Then click on +You in the upper left hand corner of the black bar. If you have not yet created a Google+ account, create it.  Then the +You will change to +YourUserName. You may add friends to circles if you want, and invite those friends to join your Hangout. Click on "Start a Hangout" to begin a meeting.

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Is there a cost associated with Hangouts?Google+ Hangout

No. Hangouts is a free application.

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Can I download the Hangouts application?

No. Hangouts is completely online. You just need to have a web enabled browser to create and share hangouts. You do need a Google+ account, see the link below for how to set that up.

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How do I use Hangouts?

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Do we offer Instructor-Led training for Hangouts?

Yes.  Check for current classes.  Or submit a request to for assistance with Hangouts.

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