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What is Microsoft® PowerPoint® ?

Microsoft® PowerPoint® enables users to quickly create high-impact, dynamic presentations, while integrating workflow and ways to easily share information. From the Microsoft Office user interface to the new graphics and formatting capabilities, Office PowerPoint puts the control in your hands to create great-looking presentations.

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Is there a cost associated with Microsoft® PowerPoint® ?

No.  Clemson University has a campus wide license for Microsoft Office.

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Can I download Microsoft® PowerPoint® ? 

Students and Faculty can download either Microsoft® Office® or from the Clemson Download Page.

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How do I use Microsoft® PowerPoint® ?

Clemson University has a campus wide license for the SkillPort Learning Resources. Training for Microsoft® PowerPoint ® and Microsoft® PowerPoint ® is available in SkillPort. Use the keyword PowerPoint or PowerPoint in the Search in SkillPort to find available resources.

Microsoft has several resources available on their website to help you learn how to use Microsoft® PowerPoint ® . There are additional resources available on the web as well. We have linked some resources that we believe will help you in learning Microsoft® PowerPoint ® below.

  • Quick Reference Card (.PDF)
  • Demo: Up to speed with PowerPoint (.HTM)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint ® Shortcut and Function Keys (.HTM)
  • Making the switch to PowerPoint 2010 (.HTM)
  • Broadcasting a presentation (.HTM)
  • Embedding a video in your presentation (.HTM)

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Microsoft PowerPoint screenshotFrequently Asked Questions

Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® Help Center  to assist you in finding answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.  You can also review the PowerPoint Solution Center, the Microsoft® PowerPoint® Discussion Group, the Microsoft Community, or the PowerPoint Question/Issue page for frequently asked questions.

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Do we offer Instructor-Led training for Microsoft® PowerPoint® ?

Yes. CCIT currently offers instructor-led training for faculty, staff and students. Please view our training calendar to register for these available classes. Click the links below to download the class handouts.  Email for one-on-one training.

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System Requirements

Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint ® System Requirements.

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Additional Resources

  • Using Inking in PowerPoint (.HTM)
  • Troubleshooting inking in PowerPoint (.HTM)
  • PowerPoint and Accessibility (.HTM)
  • Creating Accessible Presentations (.HTM)
  • Checking Your PowerPoint for Accessibility Issues (.HTM)
  • Saving PowerPoint Presentations as a Web Page in PowerPoint 2010 (.HTM)
  • Checking Accessibility of your PowerPoint (.HTM)
  • Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (.HTM)
  • Creating Animations (.HTM)
  • Creating Transitions (.HTM)
  • Menu to Ribbon Reference Workbook (.HTM)

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Research & Articles

  • Powerpoint 2010 - The possibilities  (.HTM)
  • View your Speaker Notes Privately, While Delivering a Presentation on Multiple Monitors (.HTM)

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Microsoft Office and Microsoft PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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