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Connected and Automated Vehicles Facilities

The Eduard Michelin Electronics Laboratory* features a 28' x 20' x 18' RF semi-anechoic chamber and is equipped to make a wide range of electromagnetic emission and susceptibility measurements including most commercial, automotive and military EMC tests. It is also equipped to do real-time RF data collection and processing, as well as diagnostic testing and analysis.

Eduard Michelin lab

The hybrid powertrain integration lab provides functionalities for hardware in the loop evaluations of hybrid and electric powertrain subsystems and  components, control and diagnostic systems, and for environmental evaluation of energy storage systems under realistic loads. The following equipment is available in the laboratory:

  • One AMREL HPS600X168-K0EE programmable DC power supply (0-600V, 0-200A)
  • One AMREL PLWS48K-400-1200 programmable DC load (0-400V, 0-1200A)
  • One 5kW DC load
  • One AMREL 10kW programmable DC power supply (0-50V, 0-200A)
  • One ESPEC ΕΣΞ-4ΧΩ environmental chamber with a 1 m3 working volume and controlled temperatures between -70 to +180oC.
  • One SOLARTRON Analytical 1280Z electrochemical measurement system for impedance spectroscopy

*These facilities may be rented for testing needs.

CU-ICAR laboratory and testing video

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