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International Student Employment

We are excited to have you join us in the ECE Department!   

This page contains important information that is pertinent to your employment within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, please read it carefully. This is for both brand new students to Clemson as a Graduate Student and for returning international students on payroll. You can view an overview of the employment eligibility and new hire steps on the International Services' Graduate Assistants page.

Brand new International Students to Clemson University and Payroll:

Prior to your first day of work, you will need to meet with the graduate student services coordinator in 102-A Riggs Hall to complete your employment verification form and provide them with your new employee data sheet. 

As a new international student, you are permitted to enter the US no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of your academic program at Clemson University. In general, we recommend that you try to arrive at least 15 days before the start date. Per the department, returning employees are required to arrive on campus by the first day of classes.  If you are having difficulties getting to campus by the first day of classes, you must communicate with the graduate student services coordinator and the international services office regarding your situation. If you are unable to get here by the first day of class, you will have to defer until the next term, and we can’t guarantee that funds will be available for you.

The following contains important information pertinent to your employment – please read it carefully. As an international student you will have to have a Social Security card to work.  If you do not have one, we will provide you with an employment verification for your F-1 Visa to begin the process to work. There are several steps that need to take place in order to get you on payroll and ultimately, be eligible to work.

  1. You must check-in with Jennifer Gooch, the Graduate Student Services Program Coordinator in 102 A Riggs Hall and pick up your Employment Verification Form
  2. You must take that Employment Verification Form to the International Services office in 108 Long Hall.
  3. Once you have met with them, you will have to go to the Anderson SC office of Social Security to apply for your SSC. 
  4. Once you have received your letter from the SSC office, you will have to meet with the international employment coordinator in HR to complete the payroll process at the ASB Building on Perimeter Road.

 *Depending on your arrival prior to semester, these steps may vary.

Returning International Students to Payroll:

If you have been employed by ECE or another department, you already have your SSC, however, with this new assignment, you may still have to meet with the international employment coordinator in HR at the ASB building on Perimeter Road. You will receive an email from the ECE student services coordinator informing you to meet with him, so please be on the lookout for that email.  Like brand new students, you must be on campus by the first day of classes. If you fail to report by the first day of class, that may be considered a break in your contract and your rate may be adjusted to reflect your late arrival. There is no guarantee that you will be awarded a new contract if the contract is broken due to your late arrival.  Please be sure to plan for delays in your travel if you are coming from out of the country and be sure to communicate with the ECE student services coordinator regarding any delays so that we can try and work with you.

Please carefully review the Student Employment Policy Summary and an important Payroll Information sheet.  The Student Employment Policy Summary familiarizes you with an important Clemson University employment policy and timekeeping requirements.  The Important Payroll Information sheet will provide instructions for setting up your password and determining your primary user name (if you have more than one,  setting up your Direct Deposit, changing your W-4 tax withholding, how to view your paystub, and signing up to receive your W-2 tax form online (if desired). 

Documents for you to complete:

Student Data Sheet

Complete all of the information on this form and bring it with you when we meet.

Graduate Student Worker Guidelines:

1. International Student workers should not exceed work hour limitations:

  • 20 paid service hours per week - Fall/Spring Term    
  • 28 paid service hours per week – Summer Term

2. Student workers must accurately report paid service hours worked in a timely manner:

Log in to the Graduate and Resident Assistant Time Capture System to report paid service hours worked.


  1. Click link
  2. Enter ID and password
  3. Enter paid service hours or check the box to certify you did not work
  4. Click submit

3. Action(s) taken for missed entries:

To comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we must obtain/report paid service hours accurately and in a timely manner.

  • The Office of Human Resources will send a reminder each month regarding required entries.
  • Missed entries after the deadline may result in disciplinary action (reference the guidelines for specifics) for those weeks being calculated based on full-time work hours for the purposes of the ACA.