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Lasers could take 3D printing to next level at Clemson University

Wednesday November 28, 2018

Cars that go more than 1,000 miles on a single fill-up and smartphones that can run for days without recharging are among the possibilities that could come out of a new Clemson University research project that brings together 3D printing and laser processing.


The 2018 Clemson Brick Forum: Reaching the World

Friday October 19, 2018

Visitors strolling through the halls of the 2018 Clemson Brick Forum could be forgiven if for a moment they thought they were in a European capital.  Conversations were going on in German, Italian and Dutch, among others. “In recent years the forum has seen a growing international presence,” said John Sanders, director of Clemson University’s […]


Clemson University breakthrough in self-healing materials detailed in journal Science

Thursday October 11, 2018

The cost of making plastics, paints, coatings for cell phone screens and other materials that heal themselves like skin could be dramatically reduced thanks to a breakthrough that a Clemson University team detailed in the latest edition of the journal Science.


Outstanding faculty members win college awards

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Seven faculty members received awards and several others were recognized for tenure, promotions and other achievements at a Sept. 7 gala at the Owen Pavilion just off Lake Hartwell. The award winners were Kyle Brinkman, Ashley Childers, Brian Powell, Kevin Taaffe, Lawrence Fredendall, Joshua Summers and Delphine Dean. The awards ceremony is an annual event […]


Clemson’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute marks five years promoting ‘wood is good’

Tuesday September 11, 2018

Building with wood has a number of advantages. For the past five years, Clemson University’s Wood Utilization + Design Institute (WU+D) has been educating individuals in the Southeast about these benefits, including the fact wood takes less energy to produce than most other building materials, giving it a lower carbon footprint.


Maker of self-healing materials gets royal honor

Monday June 11, 2018

Marek Urban of Clemson University was admitted to The Royal Society of Chemistry as a Fellow, an honor that he said will raise the university’s international profile and help his graduate students find jobs. Urban, the J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor, is developing new self-healing materials that are able to respond to external […]


National Scholars’ roar will echo far and wide with 100% placement post-graduation

Friday May 11, 2018

Clemson University’s National Merit Scholars will span from Clemson to Cleveland with some pursuing secondary degrees while others dive into the workforce.

Kyle Brinkman

Dr. Kyle Brinkman has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Murray Stokely Award for Excellence in Teaching of the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.  He will receive this award at a College Ceremony in September. This award recognizes Kyle’s commitment to and excellence in both classroom teaching and individual education and mentoring.

Luiz Jacobsohn

Dr. Luiz Jacobsohn has been awarded the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences Dean’s Professorship.  This is a three-year award which recognizes Luiz’s sustained record of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and service to the College.

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