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Summer 2022-2024 IRES Program

The International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) site in Self-Healing Materials Development aims to educate undergraduate and graduate students in the expanding field of self-healing materials. Annually, six students will spend ten weeks at the Delft University of Technology (TU-Delft) in the Netherlands performing collaborative experimental and computational research on self-healing metallic, ceramic, polymeric, and composite materials.

The overall goal of the program is to provide students with a global awareness of how new generations of materials may impact the environment and societal needs while conducting research.

Delft University Campus


IRES Program
The IRES program will train a diverse group of students in interdisciplinary and global research settings focused on self-healing materials and global understanding of how materials will contribute to the overall economy. Through this program, students will gain not only technical and environmental knowledge of materials’ development process, from basic molecules to higher-order architectures, but also an appreciation of cultural and social aspects of conducting research abroad. Overall, eighteen students during a three year period will participate in the program. Recruitment of underrepresented students will be facilitated by interactions with all South Carolina academic institutions.

This international research and cultural experience facilitated by supervision and interactions with both academic and industrial researchers will expand students’ understanding of research and development in the context of a global effort achieved by implementing innovative and unique approaches. Another important aspect of the program will be learning to communicate scientific research and discoveries to broad audiences. Being part of the IRES program, the students will broaden their research network as well as appreciate the challenges, opportunities, and values of international research collaborations.

Intellectual Merit

The IRES research projects will promote high-impact scientific research leading to new discoveries and aiming at enhanced sustainability and durability of materials used in high-tech and commodity applications.

The proposed student-led research projects will advance our limited understanding of self-healable materials, which have been on the frontiers of scientific headlines for the last couple of years. The proposed projects will lead to new technological advances that will guide the development of future materials in sustainable technologies in clean energy, biomedicine, transport, and homeland security applications.

  • Self-Healing in Ceramic Composites
  • Metallo-Ceramics Materials
  • The Role of Molecular Structures on Self-Healing in Polymers
  • Dynamics of Self-Healing Biopolymer Composites
  • Self-healing Construction Concrete Materials
  • Self-healing of bitumen and asphalt for motorways
  • Modeling of Self-healing of Thermal Barrier Coatings

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IRES Participants

Faculty & Fellows
Clemson University Faculty and IRES Fellows
Prof. Fadi Abdeljawad, Mech Eng. Daniel Moore
Prof. Kyle Brinkman, Mat. Sci. & Eng. Jack Duffy, Nathan Cretegny
Joshua Willoughby
Prof. Prasad Rangaraju, Civil Eng. Adam Biehl
Prof. Igor Luzinov, Mat. Sci. & Eng. Bernadine Daichendt 
Prof. Marek Urban (PI), Mat. Sci & Eng. Jaylan Fraser-Mines

Marek Urban

Prof. Marek W. Urban
Project Director
☏ 864-656-1155


This IRES project is co-funded by the Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE) and Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR).

Award #1952528

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