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Konstantin (Kostya) Kornev

Konstantin (Kostya) Kornev


Phone: (864) 656-6541
Office: 295 Sirrine Hall


Dr. Konstantin Kornev graduated from the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Kazan State University (KSU) in Russia in 1988. From 1988 until 1990, he worked at the Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics at KSU. In 1990 he was invited to join the Institute for Problems in Mechanics in Moscow, the leading institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of mechanics. While at RAS, he worked as an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Aircraft Technology in Moscow. In 2000, he joined the Textile Research Institute in Princeton, NJ. In August of 2006, he joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Clemson University, SC.


PhD, Physics and Mathematics, Kazan State University (KSU), Russia 1988
M.S, Mechanics and Mathematics, Kazan State University (KSU), Russia 1983

Research Areas

Advanced Materials
Physics and Mathematics
Biomechanics of Insects
Magnetics in Nanocmoposites
Optical and Magneto-Optical

Recent Awards

The Award for the Outstanding Faculty Achievements in Science of the College of Engineering & Science of Clemson University (2013)
National Science Foundation
American Physical Society

Selected Publications

Gu, Y., & Kornev, K. G. (2014). Attachment/detachment hysteresis of fiber-based magnetic grabbers. Soft Matter, 10(16), 2816-2824.

Tokarev, A., Lee, W., Sevonkaev, I., Goia, D., & Kornev, K. G. (2014). Sharpening the surface of magnetic paranematic droplets. Soft Matter.