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Current Faculty

John Ballato John M. Ballato
J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair of Optical Fibers and Professor 
(864) 656-1035

Research Areas:
Optical and optoelectronic properties of materials; Optical fiber fabrication; Rare-earth doping for active and passive optical applications

Vincent Blouin Vincent Blouin,
Joint Appointment
(864) 656-5352

Research Areas:
Materials; Mechanical Engineering; Modeling of Structural and Thermal Systems

Rajendra Bordia Rajendra Bordia
(864) 656-5228

Research Areas:
Multilayered Ceramics, Ceramic Coatings; Nano and Micro Structure Control in Ceramics; Porous Ceramics; Ceramic Matrix Composites; Advanced Composites; Molecular Precursor-Derived Ceramics

Kyle S. Brinkman Kyle S. Brinkman

MS&E Department Chair

(864) 656-1405

Research Areas:
Ceramics; Fuel Cells; Energy Materials; Interfacial Engineering; Crystalline Materials for Nuclear Waste Immobilization


Philip Brown Philip J. Brown
Swetenburg Professor
(864) 656-6072

Research Areas:
Polymer Membranes; Textile Chemistry; Photonic Fibers; Spinning, Electrospinning of Fibers; Melt Spinning of Multi-Component Materials; Dyeing & Finishing

Stephen Foulger Stephen H. Foulger
Gregg-Graniteville Endowed Chair
and Professor
Director of COMSET
(864) 656-1045

Research Areas:
Polymer physics; Multifunctional materials; Optical and optoelectronic properties of materials; Colloid synthesis; Intrinsically conductive polymers; Biomedical contrast colloids; Protein separation nanoparticles; Photodynamic therapy nanoparticles


Kai He Kai He
(864) 656-9717

Research Areas:
Aberration-corrected electron microscopy; In-situ TEM; Multimodal spectroscopic imaging; Electron Holography; Energy Storage; Nanomagnetism; Nanoelectronics


Luiz G. Jacobsohn Luiz G. Jacobsohn
(864) 656-5965

Research Areas:
Luminescent materials; Scintillators; Nanoparticles


Mark Johnson Mark A Johnson
Thomas F. Hash Endowed Chair in Sustainable Development and Director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing
(864) 656-9748

Research Areas:
Sustainability, Advance manufacturing, Energy

Marian Kennedy Marian Kennedy
(864) 656-5349

Research Areas:
Mechanical behavior of biological nanocomposites; Tribology of coatings and thin films; Engineering education – motivation


Konstantin Kornev Konstantin Kornev
(864) 656-6541

Research Areas:
Thermodynamics and continuum mechanics/ electrodynamics of materials, Magnetic colloids, Nanomanufacturing in electric and magnetic fields, Biomechanics of insects


Olga Kuksenok Olga Kuksenok
(864) 656-5956

Research Areas:
Computational design of biomimetic materials; Theory and computer simulations of multi-component polymer blends; Interfacial phenomena and surface properties; Pattern formation in non-equilibrium systems; Heterogeneous liquid crystalline systems

Igor Luzinov Igor Luzinov
(864) 656-5958

Research Areas:
Nanofabrication of Thin Polymer Films; Multi-Component Polymer Systems and Composites

Thompson Mefford O. Thompson Mefford
(864) 656-4307

Research Areas:
Polymers; Nanomaterials; Magnetism; Environmental


Fei PengFei Peng
(864) 656-4134

Research Areas:
Additive manufacturing of ceramics, Smart manufacturing, Sintering and Grain Growth, High-Temperature Kinetics and Microstructure, High-Temperature Ceramics, Ceramic Fibers, Coatings, and Ceramic Composites


Ulf D. Schiller Ulf D. Schiller
(864) 656-2669

Research Areas:

Computational materials science; Flowing matter and biomaterials; Complex multiphase systems; Lattice Boltzmann methods

Ming Tang Ming Tang
(864) 656-3187

Research Areas:

Ceramics and Glasses, Materials under Extreme Environments, Radiation Damage Effects, Electron Microscopy, Materials for Nuclear Energy and Environment Management Application

Jianhua Tong Jianhua Tong
(864) 656-4954

Research Areas:

Sustainable clean energy; Electrochemical cells; Solid electrolyte batteries; Catalytic membrane reactors; Hydrogen production; Ammonia synthesis; Carbon dioxide reduction; Solar fuel production; Solid State Ionics; 3D printing; Laser processing.


Marek Urban Marek W. Urban
J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair in Advanced Fiber-Based Materials and Professor
(864) 656-1155/0549

Research Areas:
Polymer design; Colloidal synthesis; Self-healing polymers; Surface and interfacial reactions; Stimuli-responsive materials; Biopolymers; Vibrational spectroscopy and molecular imaging