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Means + Methods

As a component of a Land-grant University, it is the objective of the Community Research+Design Center to ensure proactive and productive relationships with the communities of South Carolina.  Likewise, we will also maintain our responsibilties to the greater community of Clemson University, its student body and faculty/staff.  To assist the CR+DC in achieving these objectives, it is imperative that it maintains a unique arsenal of means and methods that allow for flexibility, mobility, and constant calibration with an ever-changing context and diverse environments.  Ensuring our high level of success we commonly maintain and employ the following:

+Charrett facilitation and management that ensures open communication and good listening

+Design+Build installations demonstrating shared values and respond to common needs with hands-on opportunities and responsibilities for project teams

+Public outreach programs that faciltate dialogue and target individuals outside the allied design disciplines

+Public exhibits and panel presentations, internal and external to the University, that ensure intellectual capital and equity get distributed to the community for the public good

+Peer review presentations and conference attendance allowing faculty and students to extend on a national and international stage, the work being done by the CR+DC, Clemson University and its partners

+Scholarship and intellectual pursuits extending the mission and vision of the CR+DC

+Research allowing for dissemination and innovation

+DESIGN-centric Service-Learning opportunities ensuring that education is impacted by forces that extend far beyond the walls of the typical classroom

+Poignant course offerings targeting key issues (required courses and elective seminars)

+Creative Inquiry course delivery and management allowing undergraduates and faculty opportunities to develop/test research ideas and respond specifically to community or societal needs

+Certificate program supporting a concentration and specialization at the graduate level in the varied facets of Public Impact Design

+Masters of Science program permitting specific research, scholarship and specialization in varied facets of Public Impact Design

+Multi-disciplinary advising (including, MS, and Ph.D) and committee roles that suport diverse networking, research and scholarship activities and service responsibilities

+Multi-disciplinary design studios offering diverse teams of faculty and students with varying expertise to pursue critical competitions, grants, and community projects that would not otherwise be afforded

+Co-taught/Collaborative design studios, seminars and creative inquiry providing faculty and students the ability to build relationships and engage innovative approaches for teaching, learning, and tools for observation

+Cooperative projects with other Centers and Fluid Campus locations (Clemson, Charleston, and Genoa)

+Student internships offering students summer and school-year hourly compensation and job opportunities with key faculty on key projects

+Student Assistantships granting students tuition waivers and unique opportunities wot work directly with faculty members in varied capacities

+University and Community Service encouraging faculty and students to take initiative and be active partipants in key groups, activities, and projects