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Constructive Learning

pop up atelier

+Pop-up Atelier

Project Type:  Design + Build, Installation and workshops

Organizational Structure: Creative Inquiry

Project Partners:  SC AIA, SC Children's Museums (8 locations)

Funding:  SC AIA, CR+DC

Faculty: Dan Harding, David Pastre, Lynn Craig

# of Students:  12

# of University Departments:  1

The Pop-up Atelier project (2013) was a collaborative initiative that leveraged fluid campus research opportunities in Genoa, Italy, Charleston and Clemsohn, SC to research, design and construct a series of pop-up structures.  The Pop-up Ateliers were installed at eight children museum/learning sites across South Carolina.  Also supported by the AIA South Carolina Chapter, workshops dedicated to educating parents and children on the basic principles of architecture gain the State Chapter and Clemson recognition by a 2014 Component Excellence Award from the National AIA.  The award was for Public Affairs and Communications Outstanding Overall Program.