Clemson Light Imaging Facility

  • White light confocal
  • Pollen laser scan
  • Buttercup root
  • Pink flower
  • Bone Tissue
  • Confocal Polarized Light

NOTICECOVID-19 CLIF Usage Guidance

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, new guidelines for equipment use, sanitation, scheduling and staff availability at the Clemson Light Imaging Facility have been enacted until further notice. UPDATED user guidelines can be found under the "Clemson Light Imaging Facility" dropdown on this page.

The Clemson Light Imaging Facility (CLIF) is a multi-user core facility located on the main campus of Clemson University. It houses an array of advanced light microscopes, cytometry equipment, and a fully functional molecular biology laboratory. Users have access to multiple confocal microscopes, a stereoscope, a laser microdissection system, and a polarized light microscope. Additionally, researchers can use an Olympus laser measuring microscope, a CytoViva widefield hyperspectral imaging system, and a BioRad S3E cell sorter. Our staff is available to offer advanced training, perform professional imaging, and/or provide consultations. We also participate in outreach activities for K-12 groups and the general public via the Clemson STEAM network.