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Civil Engineering Department News

Georisk Cover

Dr. Hsein Juang (Glenn Professor of Civil Engineering), along with Jianye Ching & Dr. Zhe Luo (Assistant Research Professor) have been selected as the recipients of the 2013 Georisk Best Paper Award for their paper entitled "Assessing SPT-based probabilistic models for liquefaction potential evaluation: a 10-year update" published in Georisk, Vol. 7, No. 3, September 2013. Congratulations! The award will be highlighed in the next Georisk issue.

Khan Modeling Book Cover

Congratulations to Dr. Abdul Khan, Associate Professor, Glenn Department of Civil Engineering and Dr. Wencong Lai, Post Doctoral Research at University of Wyoming, on the completion of their book Modeling Shallow Water Flows Using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method. This book introduces Galerkin Method for modeling shallow flows and provides necessary background information for implementing the method. The authors envision the book to be used in graduate level courses and by engineers and researchers. One of the important aspects of this book is the collection of tests that the authors have gone to great lengths to collect. These tests show the validity of the discontinuous Galerkin scheme in modeling shallow water flows. Readers can use the tests and results for comparison as they validate new schemes.

Map of Charging Stations in SC

Dr. Yongxi (Eric) Huang and his student Mr. Shnegyin Li, recently researched "if we want to electrify long-distance travels intrastate for electric vehicles". They developed a charging corridor system in South Carolina to facilitate intercity Electronic Vehicle (EV) travels. Their research strategy utilized optimization methods to create a mathematical model to identify strategic locations for charging stations on the highway network. They incorporated geographic and demographic distributions of cities using geographic information systems and practical EV travel range of 73 miles (based on Nissan Leaf actual performance) in the developed optimization model. The model indicates the least number of charging stations needed and optimal locations to place them (i.e., selected rest areas on highway corridors). See the complete summary—Development of electric vehicle charging corridor for South Carolina


Dr. Leidy Klotz, Geoff Potvin, Allison Godwin, Jennifer Cribbs, Zahra Hazari, and Nicole Barclay, recently had their article, “Sustainability as a route to broadening participation in engineering,” published in the Journal of Engineering Education. The data collected from a national survey is that those who perceive engineering as a way to help people are more likely to want a career in engineering. That makes sense. We also found, however, that those who want to help people don’t necessarily view engineering as a way to do so. That is a big missed opportunity for those of us who believe that the whole point of engineers is to help people. It can’t be a good thing for engineering if we aren’t attracting our share of students who want to help people. Fore more information on the article vist

Cover of Journal of Hydraulic Engineering

Dr. Abdul Khan has been named Associate Editor of the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering for the American Society of Engineers. Congratulations Dr. Khan!

Geotech Journal

Robust Geotechnical Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand: New Design Perspective, authored by Civil Engineering professors, Juang, C., Wang, L., Liu, Z., Ravichandran, N., Huang, H., and Zhang, J. paper had been highlighted on the homepage of the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering website and the December Issue of the journal publication.(2013)
Paper abstract: This paper presents a new geotechnical design concept called robust geotechnical design (RGD). This new design methodology, seeking to achieve a certain level of design robustness in addition to meeting safety and cost requirements, is complementary to traditional design methods. Here a design is considered robust if the variation in the system response is insensitive to the variation in noise factors (mainly uncertain soil parameters). To aid in selection of the best design, a Pareto front that describes a tradeoff relationship between cost and robustness at a given safety level can be established using the RGD methodology. The new design methodology is illustrated with an example of drilled-shaft design for axial compression. The significance of the RGD methodology is demonstrated.
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Michael Grayson

J. Michael Grayson, Dr. Weichiang Pang, and Dr. Scott Schiff from the Clemson University Glenn Department of Civil Engineering received the “Best Journal Paper Award” in recognition of their contributions to wind engineering for the journal paper titled “Three-dimensional probabilistic wind-borne debris trajectory model for building envelope impact risk assessment” at the 12th America’s Conference on Wind Engineering in Seattle, WA on June 18, 2013. The paper develops a three-dimensional probabilistic wind-borne debris trajectory model from deterministic debris models that is capable of predicting wind-borne debris trajectories in a 3D space. These debris trajectories are a crucial part of risk assessments that determine building envelope failure due to wind and wind-borne debris.
Best Journal Paper Award Description:
The Best Journal Paper Award recognizes the contributions to Wind Engineering from an AAWE Member for the best journal paper within the calendar year.  This prestigious award honoring AAWE member(s) is presented annually, and awarded at the America’s Conference on Wind Engineering and/or AAWE Workshop. Award is accompanied by a certificate and a prize of $250. To view and abstract of the paper visit

Dr. Ronnie Chowdhury

Dr. Ronnie Chowdhury was recently featured in the Fall Issue of ITS Magazine. His career spans two decades and he has been employed in both industry and academia, particularly in elucidating the practice, education and novel science behind ITS theory and making that theory relevant for actual use. Click here for the full article.

Sediment Transport Book

Dr. Abdul Khan, Glenn Department of Civil Engineering Professor and Wieming Wu, University of Mississippi Professor of Civil Engineering, along with a number of international experts have completed a book, Sediment Transport, for graduate student reference material or a graduate level course book. The Nova Science Publishers provided guiadance and arranged the final publications. The Glenn Department of Civil Engineering at Clemson and the National Center for Hydroscience and Engineering of Mississippi provided support for this project.
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Dr. Hsein Juang, Glenn Professor of Civil Engineering, completed a lecture tour in China in May 2013. He was invited by 13 institutions, including two institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the top-ranked College of Civil Engineering at Tongji University. The lecture tour was mainly sponsored by Beijing Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, Tongji University, and Wuhan University, and by Elsevier, the publisher of Engineering Geology - an international journal, where Dr. Juang serves as the Co-Editor in Chief.