Focused on success.

Clemson’s rise to be one of the nation’s top-ranked public universities is due to a fierce commitment to enhancing academic quality, student support and research-driven economic development.

Every college, every discipline within Clemson can use your support. However, to be efficient and responsible with your gifts, we put our focus on four priorities: students, faculty, facilities and engaged learning opportunities.

Give Now.


We are here for one reason. Our students.

Those with a passion for knowledge must be supported to grow and flourish. Today, they are Clemson students. Tomorrow, they are our leaders, our innovators. They must be prepared and motivated to make a positive difference in our state, our nation and the world.

Clemson’s commitment to recruiting the best and the brightest students requires scholarships and fellowships. Your support can be the difference that allows a deserving student to attend or stay in college. It can also be the difference that inspires the nation’s most promising students to select Clemson as their university.

Putting it in perspective.

  • In terms of scholarship opportunities, we currently lag behind our peers including North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Auburn and the universities of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Virginia and South Carolina.
  • Our goal is to raise $100 million for scholarships.

See how your support for students can have an impact on Clemson Forever.


faculty advising at clemson university, south carolina

They are our inspiration. Our mentors.

They are tenacious in their commitment to our students. Every day, our faculty helps propel our students to achieve more than they dreamed and propel our University to the top. Their research is changing the way we look at life and all its possibilities.

Your support can make the difference that allows Clemson to attract, recruit and retain the very finest teachers and researchers through professorships and endowed chairs. Your support will also free our faculty to pursue the best methods to reach and inspire our students.

Putting it in perspective.

  • Clemson plans to add approximately 140 new faculty members in the next three years.
  • While we have raised $104 million for 21 new endowed chairs, other universities support more — USC 82+; UGA 150+; UNC 473+.

See how your support for faculty can have an impact on Clemson Forever.


At Clemson, we don’t just build. We build to compete. To stand as one of the nation’s top universities — to recruit the best students and faculty — we must offer the best environment to teach and learn.

When you support new facilities, or help enhance those that exist, you create space to generate and grow ideas, cement bonds of friendship, open windows of opportunity and doors to the future.

Our plans for new and enhanced housing, academic facilities and athletic facilities will transform our campuses and our influence throughout the state.

Putting it in perspective.

  • 72 percent of our core housing facilities are 25 years or older; almost one third are more than 50 years old.

See how your support for facilities can have an impact on Clemson Forever.

Engaged Learning

hands-on learning at clemson university, south carolina

The most important lesson our students learn is that there are no boundaries to what is possible.

Not all knowledge comes from a book or from a podium. Sometimes we have to get our hands dirty — get hands-on — to learn what is possible in the world and within ourselves.

All Clemson students are encouraged to explore new ideas and directions. Support is needed to provide study abroad scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities through Clemson’s Creative Inquiry program, on-campus internships and facilities for living-learning opportunities.

Employers are looking for graduates with these experiences. Students who have the opportunity to be fully engaged in their learning are better prepared to take on the world at graduation.

Putting it in perspective.

  • The three top traits employers are looking for are co-op or internship experience, the ability to work on a team as well as alone, and creativity.

See how your support for engaged learning can have an impact on Clemson Forever.