New Student Information System

iROAR... do you?

The iROAR Project (the replacement for SIS Web) was selected by the University as a directive to keep Clemson on the track for the 2020 vision. According to President Barker, "These goals address academic excellence, research, the student experience and Clemson's national reputation." This project will strive to maintain Clemson's highest expectations for excellence by supporting students, faculty and staff with refined processes and a cohesive gateway to Clemson. The goals of implementing such a system are to 1) provide improved data integrity, 2) provide a true single sign-on for all users 3) provide an enhanced management of data for the University, and an intuitive university portal for all aspects of the Clemson community.

With a project timeline ranging from July of 2011 through December of 2013, Clemson University will implement the Banner software and ultimately replace the University's portal.

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