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  • Forest Clean Up at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Lee Hall, LEED Certified at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Harris Smith Building at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Recyling at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Solar Panels in use at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Sunflowers at Clemson University, South Carolina

Clemson University's commitment to sustainability is fundamental. It is not something new. It is long-standing, deep and broad. It goes all the way back to our founder and our founding mission. 

In an 1868 letter to the journal American Farmer, Thomas Green Clemson wrote:

“When nature’s bank refuses to honor the drafts of the population for meat and bread … science is the only foundation on which we can depend for the recuperation of exhausted lands, or sustaining the fertility of those that are already tilled.”

Sustainable agriculture and a sustainable economy – these were Thomas Green Clemson’s goals in advocating for a college that focused on scientific education and research in the nineteenth century. These issues are woven into the history of our institution as a land grant university and into the fabric of our academic enterprise across campus and across disciplines. Today, Clemson is striving to develop “greener” solutions in all aspects of campus, as the need for sustainable practices becomes more important than ever.

As we look toward the future, Clemson recognizes that sustainability will be of the utmost importance in continuing progress. This is why Clemson has developed the Sustainability Action Plan under guidance of the President’s Commission on Sustainability. This document outlines the steps that need to be taken in order to meet our Net-Zero goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.


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