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Naren Vyavahare Cofounds TGen Tech

Placeholder ImageNaren Vyavahare, CTO of TGen Tech, co-founded the start-up with CEO Ajay Houde. Focused on pediatric applications of technologies to improve soft tissue healing, the company’s mission is to enable healthier lives for children and adults worldwide. The applications are regenerative, thrombo-resistant, calcification-resistant, biological, convenient and pliable. According to the cofounders, all current replacement materials have significant limitations, which result in the need for re-interventions, ranging from interventional catheterizations with stent implantation to multiple reoperations for conduit replacement. The limitations of these materials involve to varying degrees their thrombogenicity, durability, susceptibility to infection and lack of growth potential.TGen Tech’s TxGuard grows with children, reducing the risk of repetitive surgeries and thereby making life easier and healthier for patients and their families.