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Renee Cottle Awarded 2021 Pinnacle Research Award.

Renee Cottle

Renee Cottle has been selected to receive a 2021 Pinnacle Research Award. This three-year, $300,000 award will fund her research project, "Nonviral Delivery of CRISPR-CAS9 Hepatocytes for Liver Repopulation Using Acetaminophen Selection."

2021 Bioengineering Award Recipients

Award recipients collage

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Science as well as the Department of Bioengineering have completed the award selections for 2021. We are proud to announce the winners of these awards and congratulate them for their hard work and accomplishments.

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7 Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Seven Clemson University students have been awarded the 2021 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, a highly competitive grant aimed at building future scientific and engineering leaders. Six others received Honorable Mentions.

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‘Homegrown science’ highlights Clemson University’s increasing strength in biomedical research

Clemson University is showing its growing strength in biomedical research with the publication of a new paper that describes a way of measuring three-dimensional extracellular diffusion.
All 10 of the co-authors in the Nature Communications paper are faculty, students or graduates from the Clemson University-Medical University of South Carolina Bioengineering Program.
The overwhelming Clemson presence on the team shows that years of local and federal investment in biomedical research are paying off, said Hai Yao, who is the senior author, Ernest R. Norville Endowed Chair at Clemson and associate chair for the joint bioengineering program.

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Delphine Dean receives one of bioengineering’s high honors

Dr. Delphine Dean

One of bioengineering’s top honors is going to a Clemson University professor who has played a leading role in South Carolina’s response to COVID-19, has led efforts to develop medical devices for low-resource settings and has advised top lawmakers on issues ranging from the pandemic to diversity in healthcare professions.
Delphine Dean, the Ron and Jane Lindsay Family Innovation Professor, is among the newest members of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering’s (AIMBE) College of Fellows.

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Clemson grants $125,000 to support COVID-19 research

Saliva COVID-19 test

Five teams of researchers have received funding to develop tests and strategies that Clemson University and the community can use to continue fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
The projects aim to develop new long-lasting sanitizing solutions, faster diagnostics tests and additional tools to more accurately predict COVID-19 spread and severity, among other solutions.

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Projects led by Bioengineers win InnoVision Awards

Dr. Delphine Dean and Dr. John DesJardins

Three projects, all led by endowed professors in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, won awards that recognize innovation in South Carolina.

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Booth, O’Connell awarded Transformative Research Seed Grant

Dr. Brian Booth

A proposal by Brian Booth, Ph.D., and John O'Connell, M.D., of Prisma Health was selected for funding via PrismaHealth’s Transformative Research Seed Grant mechanism. The Health Sciences Center at PrismaHealth funds life-changing health services research that aligns with Prisma Health’s purpose statement. The grant will support optimization of oscillating electric field delivery in tissue culture with the goal of more safely and effectively eradicating deposits of metastatic cancer in combination with other proven cancer therapies.

The Class of ’39 Award for Excellence

Delphine Dean, the Ron and Jane Lindsay Professor of Bioengineering and Jim Clements, Clemson University President.

Delphine Dean, Ron and Jane Lindsay Family Innovation Professor, was honored February 9, 2021, at an unveiling ceremony in the Carillon Gardens, where she was presented with the Class of ’39 medal. Dean’s induction as a member of the class will be held in the Heritage Gardens, part of the South Carolina Botanical Garden.

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Dabo's All In Team Foundation has again funded Brian Booth’s research into cancer.

Brian Booth

Research Interests
Led by Delphine Dean, Clemson University researchers create cutting-edge solutions to COVID-19

Delphine Dean, the Ron and Jane Lindsay Professor of Bioengineering, master’s bioengineering student Erica Justice; and Mark Blenner, the McQueen Quattlebaum Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering.

A new Clemson University lab that researchers are calling “a cutting-edge solution to help fight COVID-19” could be stocked with 13 sample-handling robots and have a staff of about 50 students fully trained as early as November.

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Lauren Davis selected as a Beckman Scholar

Lauren Davis

Undergraduate Lauren Davis, has been selected to participate in the Beckman Scholars Program. This prestigious recognition is made possible by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation.

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Students design COVID-19 protection device for less than $100

Scott Northrup, far, right, watches Prisma Health clinicians try one of the prototypes that Clemson researchers created to help protect healthcare providers from COVID-19

A few supplies available at just about any hardware store for less than $100 can be assembled into a device that helps keep COVID-19 patients from infecting the healthcare providers who take care of them, a group of Clemson University researchers said.

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CUBEInC contributes to Clemson’s recognition for innovation in engineering education

Innovation Engineering

Clemson University students and faculty have always known “there’s something in these hills,” and now the rest of the world is starting to understand, too.

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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Tiger paw mosaic.

Help BIOE celebrate our Spring 2020 Graduates!

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Naren Vyavahare Cofounds TGen Tech

Naren Vyavahare, CTO of TGen Tech

Naren Vyavahare, CTO of TGen Tech,co-founded the start-up with CEO Ajay Houde. Focused on pediatric applications of technologies to improve soft tissue healing, the company’s mission is to enable healthier lives for children and adults worldwide.

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Clemson University Freshmen Designing UVC Light Device To Help Protect Checkout Clerks

Carleigh Coffin, Ashlyn Soule, and Delphine Dean

Two Clemson University freshmen are thinking outside the box– and shining a light inside it– to combat COVID-19 at the grocery store.

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Ideas-To-Products (I2P) Program Awardee, Hai Yao, Ph.D.

Hai Yao, I2P Program Awardee

Congratulations to Hai Yao for winning proof-of-concept funding through the XLerator Network's I2P Grant Program!

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Elastrin Therapeutics

Elastrin Therapeutics is a biotech startup with technologies to restore hardened and damaged arteries and tissue by targeting the elastic fiber that makes them work.

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SC universities, hospitals join forces to develop coronavirus antibody test

Delphine Dean, Sarah Harcum and Terri Bruce, BIOE faculty members, are volunteering their services to develop the antibody test.

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Ying Mei in Nature Biomedical Engineering: Simulated Heart Attack

Researchers have developed a new way of simulating heart attacks in a lab and then using the engineered tissue to screen drugs that show promise for treating patients with heart damage, according to a new article in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.

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Two presidents with one goal: Supporting Clemson University staff

Janeen Putman reflects on her year as president of Staff Senate as she passes the gavel on.

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Award-Winning Students!

By Tammy Rothell, Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

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Three Bioengineers awarded 2020 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

Melinda Harman: A Solution to Cleaning N95 Masks

Harman is exploring how hospitals could wash and sanitize medical masks.

Jennifer Woodell-May: Orthopedic Research Society Connect

ORS Women’s Leadership Forum has asked Jennifer Woodell-May ’01, ‘96 to provide insights on her career and experiences.

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  • Timmy Samec Awarded Hollings Lowvelo Fellowship
    Timmy Samec Awarded Hollings Lowvelo Fellowship
    The Hollings Cancer Center awards go to those with the greatest potential to become independent cancer researchers and compete for extramural grants.

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  • BIOE Professorships
    Dean and Mercuri Professorships
    BIOEs Honored: 2 of 4 Professorships for Research and Education into Advanced Manufacturing and Biotechnology Innovation Delphine Dean is the Ron and Jane Lindsay Family Innovation Professor; Jeremy Mercuri is the John Witherspoon Gilpin, M.D. Associate Professor.

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  • New Administrative Coordinator
    Anna Craft profile
    Anna Craft, a recent graduate of Anderson University, has been hired to fill the position of Communication Outreach Director. With a major in Digital Media Communications and a minor in Applied Computing for Business, Anna will be the departmental webmaster. Additionally, she will develop and specify promotional material tailored to various audiences including those at national conferences. Traveling to events, she will work with faculty and staff to deliver and evaluate the department’s approach. Anna will assist faculty with travel arrangements and with subsequent reimbursement and will manage all aspects of planning for on-campus events.
  • New Faculty Members
    Dunn and Larsen faculty members
    Two new faculty members have joined the department. Heather Dunn, a lecturer in the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, is now a BIOE Research Assistant Professor. Heather’s research interests include mammary gland development, cancer biology and epithelial mesenchymal transition. Jessica Larsen is now Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Bioengineering. Her research interests include drug delivery, biomaterials and nanotechnology.

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