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Hire Our Students

Our Students are Prepared

Clemson Bioengineering develops leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Our students are well-prepared for the workforce. We invite you to engage with us and our students through internships, co-ops, and full-time employment.

When employers employ our students, the benefits are considerable.

  • Meet project needs.
  • Bring new innovative ideas to the workplace.
  • Evaluate and measure student performance before hiring full-time.
  • Year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Flexible, cost-effective workforce not requiring a long-term employer commitment.
Graduates at ceremony.
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Robust Skillset

Real-world experiences and hands-on applications of knowledge are important skill sets. Our graduates have robust skillsets that include solidworks, experimental design, mechanical testing, technical writing, and team-based collaborations. Employers have found that the on-the-job learning aspect creates value for both the company and the student. The Career Center offers information on the ways to engage with our students.

Castner profile

“I had the amazing opportunity of doing a sales micro-internship with Cisco at their campus in Raleigh, NC. It was an extremely valuable week in which I learned the in’s and out’s of the company, as well as gained insight into what it takes to be a distinguished salesman. During this micro-internship, we were tasked with making a presentation on how Cisco’s products can help Clemson University. I was selected 1st place amongst my peers by a panel of some of their top managers, specialists, and salespersons.”

Quinn Castner


Length: Offered for one period during the Fall or Spring semester (14-16 weeks) or during the Summer (10-14 weeks), with students working either part-time or full-time.

Assignments: Interns enhance their career development while exploring interests & gaining work experience related to their field of study. Projects relate to a student’s major and career interest.

Salary: Most positions are paid, but a few will be voluntary, depending on the field. The M Eng. program offers participation in an internship; therefore, it would be optional for the company to offer pay. Typical salaries range from $10 to $20 per hour.

Eligibility: Varies. Employers determine the qualifications necessary.


Length: Requires working multiple semesters as follows: 1. Alternating Students alternate between a semester at school and a semester at work for 3 semesters (12 months of experience). 2. Back-to-back Students work two semesters in a row consisting of a spring/summer or summer/fall (7-8 months of experience).

Assignments: The progressive work assignments provide higher levels of responsibility for students to get an understanding of real-world jobs.

Salary: Co-ops are always paid. Non-technical salaries average $15-$20/hour; technical salaries average $19- $20/hour for the first work period. Some employers provide additional benefits of housing, mileage accommodations, signing bonuses, & 401K plans.

Eligibility: Students must have completed 27 hours prior to going to work & a 2.45 GPA or higher.

Students attending a linch and learn session

Industry Contact

If interested in connecting or doing a Lunch & Learn for students, please reach out to Jennifer Hogan, Coordinator of Professional Development.

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