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Admissions FAQ

The Department of Bioengineering offers high-quality graduate-level programs that include M.S. Thesis, M.S. Non-Thesis, M.Eng, Ph.D., and Graduate Certificates. The basic requirement for admission to a bioengineering advanced degree program is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate engineering program. Most of our students are trained in biomedical engineering/bioengineering, materials science and engineering, chemical engineering, electrical/computer engineering or mechanical engineering. Exceptional students in physics, chemistry and the life sciences are also considered. Students must demonstrate knowledge in Calculus of Several Variables and Ordinary Differential Equations, as well as biology and physiology at minimum. Students can enter the department prior to demonstrating these competencies if approved by the admissions committee.

The basic form of financial aid for graduate students is the graduate assistantship. The customary appointment requires (nominally) 20 hours of work per week outside coursework, including BIOE 8910 and BIOE 9910. To maintain a graduate assistantship in the Department of Bioengineering, students on assistantship must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 9 credits in fall and spring and 6 credits in the summer). This is a university policy and cannot be waived.

Graduate assistants pay significantly reduced tuition and receive a twice-monthly stipend. Graduate Assistants are employed for up to a half-time basis during a specified appointment period as indicated on the offer letters. The department does not provide assistantship support for M.S. students or M.Eng. students.

  • What is the application deadline?

    Every application submitted before the deadlines are guaranteed a full review by the graduate committee. Applications submitted after the deadlines are considered on a rolling basis, depending on available funds and space in the department. All materials for the review process should be submitted electronically, with applicants able to check their application status using the online status check. International applicants must also consider any Office of International Services deadlines that relate to I-20 issuance.


    For all programs except the M.Eng (see below)

    • January 15 for Fall (early admission consideration)
    • February 15 for Fall Enrollment
    • September 15 for Spring Enrollment
    • February 15 for Summer Enrollment 
    • Applications submitted after deadlines will be considered as capacity allows.

    For the M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering

    • Admits for Fall Only
    • October 31 Early Consideration
    • February 15 Regular Admission Deadline
    • Applications submitted after deadlines will be considered as capacity allows.

    The tentative notification of admission status by the department for August enrollment is April 15.

    Application Fee

    Applicants for Summer 2023 and beyond: There is no fee to apply to graduate programs at Clemson University.

  • What materials are required to apply?

    All supporting material will be submitted electronically. Students admitted to Clemson and who decide to attend can submit official transcripts to Graduate Admissions upon arrival on campus.

    1. 2 Letters of Recommendation minimum from previous or current teachers and/or employers
    2. Transcripts from each college or university attended
    3. *TOEFL/IELTS/PTE Academic scores (international applicants whose native language is not English)
    4. Resume/CV (research, leadership, and communication skills)
    5. Personal Statement (short and long-term goals, motivation)
    6. GRE (optional)

    In addition, the department will consider current project, lab, and research area availability when evaluating applicants. Past research experience or employment in areas relevant to bioengineering carry significant weight.

    Language Proficiency Tests

    • TOEFL - 100 or higher
    • IELTS - 7.0 or higher
    • Duolingo - 115 or higher (international students only)

    Application Review Process

    Please review the Supporting Materials page for helpful tips on writing your Personal Statement, CV and resume samples, recommendation requests and more.

  • Is the GRE required?

    The GRE is not required for graduate applications

    Clemson’s graduate field of biomedical engineering will no longer require GRE scores from applicants and will review all applications blinded for GRE scores. You may include unofficial or official GRE scores in your application file. Please note that your chances for admissions or assistantships will not be impacted by not including GRE scores.

  • Will I receive financial aid?

    Clemson University offers a wide variety of financial aid and references to external funding resources for graduate-level students. 

    Graduate Assistantship: Financial aid is prioritized for Ph.D. students. All applicants to our doctoral program are considered for available assistantship support opportunities. The department does not provide assistantship support for M.S. students. If a student decides to change the degree sought from Ph.D. to M.S. or M.Eng, the assistantship offer, if any, is automatically terminated.

    Applicants for August enrollment whose files are completed prior to January 15 will be given preferential consideration for financial aid in the form of research and teaching assistantships or University fellowships. Assistantship support might also be available for students considering January enrollment.

    Fellowships: Fellowships are monetary awards that require no service or work from the student. Typically, fellowships are awarded on merit. The Graduate School maintains a list of available fellowships on its website that includes information on many external fellowships.


  • Application decisions: before, during and after?

    The average processing time for graduate applications is 4-6 weeks from the application due date. You can track the status of your application using the information provided in your application confirmation email from the Graduate School at Clemson University. 

    You will be notified by the Graduate School, not the BIOE department, as soon as a decision has been reached on your application. Due to federal privacy regulations, we cannot disclose admissions decisions over the phone.

    Unofficial transcripts can be submitted. Once you have received acceptance to the program, you will be asked to submit official transcripts.

  • What should I do if I want to pursue the B.S. to Graduate route?

    Talk to your Clemson undergraduate advisor.

    1. Complete the Graduate School's GS6-Bachelor-to-Graduate Form (under Current Students) using Adobe; it will be routed for signatures and sent to the Graduate School for review. The form is your application to Graduate School. Please work with Financial Aid on the rules of taking U.G. and G.R. courses at the same time in relation to loans, scholarships, etc.

    2. During your final term as an undergraduate student, the BIOE Department will send an email asking you to complete a Combined Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering Degree Options Form and obtain all applicable signatures. This form will be returned to the BIOE advisor and kept in the Bioengineering Department.

    3. The Graduate School will send you a separate email asking you to confirm, cancel or defer your start as a full-time graduate student. Confirming with the Graduate School will activate your student record, which is how you will register for grad courses. No pin is needed when you are completing your final term and registering for the next term as a full-time graduate student.

    4. If you decide to change your start term or program initially listed on the GS6-Bachelor-to-Graduate Form, the Graduate School needs to be notified as soon as possible. A change-of-term program form will need to be submitted by the BIOE Advisor to the Graduate School. This form could take up to 10 days to process.

Graduate Program

Information on Bioengineering Courses for Clemson University Graduate Programs can be found in the Graduate Course Catalog. For answers to commonly asked questions, please view the Graduate School FAQ page.

Potential applicants interested in graduate studies at Clemson University will submit their application and all supporting material to the Office of Graduate Admissions. All material for the review process will be submitted electronically, and applicants can check the status of their application by using the online status check.

Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Lauren St Clair
Address: 300 Rhodes Annex
Phone: 864-656-7276
Fax: 864-656-4466


Our Departmental Forms page lists needed forms for travel, supply and mileage reimbursements, and order tracking. You will also find information on safety information pertaining to training and lab policies.