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Clemson University Graduate School

Forms and Requests

All-digital Workflow for PDF Fillable Forms

The Graduate School is updating all of its forms to facilitate a completely digital workflow. To this end, we are adding detailed instructions to each form.

In general, to use all the interactive features in a PDF form (saving with completed fields, signing electronically, forwarding to key signers and submitting), you’ll get the best results following these steps:

  1. Download and save the form to your computer or device and then open it using Adobe® Reader or Adobe® Acrobat. Not all interactive features may be available when you open a PDF form within your web browser, as PDF plugins (extensions) can vary from browser to browser.

  2. Complete your portion of the form, including adding your digital signature if required. Read Adobe’s info about digitally signing PDFs and a how-to for creating a secure, certificate-based digital signature, which you can customize to include an image of your actual signature.

  3. If the form requires input and/or signatures from more than one individual, please attach the form to an email to the first signer and ask them to sign and forward it to the next signer and so on.

  4. The last signer should use the recipient email link or button on the form to route it to the administrator of that form. The recipient usually will be a Graduate School or Enrolled Student Services representative. If you, the form originator, need a copy of the completed form, you may request it as an email attachment from the final recipient.

  5. If your form does not feature a “Submit” button or recipient link, the default recipient is GS_FORM_TEMP_PROCESS@LISTS.CLEMSON.EDU.

This workflow helps ensure that the Graduate School or Enrolled Services will receive just one completed form, signed by all parties.

Or, if circumstances permit, you can:

  1. Print and complete the form by hand.

  2. Have all signers sign manually.

  3. Submit the completed hardcopy in person or by mail to the administrative office listed on the form, or you may scan the completed, signed form and send it as an email attachment.