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Clemson University Graduate School

Calendar Requirements

You must add your defense date to the calendar no less than 10 days before your defense.

Submitting this information will send an email to Enrolled Services that serves as your required official notice to us of your defense. Under extenuating circumstances, you may be able to schedule your defense less than 10 days from the actual date; please email Enrolled Services promptly if you believe you may be late getting your defense on the calendar.

Changing Your Defense Information

If you need to change your current defense information that has already been submitted to this calendar, please use the Edit Defense Details form. When you finish editing your details and click “Submit,” it may appear that nothing happens (that is, the form does not appear to refresh). There is a slight time delay, after which your edited details will appear in the calendar.

If you make changes to the title of your thesis or dissertation after your defense, there’s no need to notify the Graduate School or Enrolled Services. Your student record and graduation information (including your entry in the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony program, if relevant) will be updated by staff when your thesis or dissertation is accepted and you are approved to graduate.