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Clemson University Graduate School

Former and Current Students

Starting a New Degree

If you’ve completed a degree and wish to pursue a new degree, you’ll need to submit a new application.

Changing Programs for a Degree in Progress

If you’ve been enrolled in a given graduate degree program within the past two calendar years, you may request a change of major and/or degree without submitting a new application.

Instead, you must complete a GS14 — Request for Change of Degree (an online process via iROAR) to get the endorsement of the department chair(s) or program chairperson(s) of the graduate degree programs you wish to leave and pursue instead. All program and Graduate School requirements must be met before final approval will be granted. Approval comes via the Graduate School.

If you need to change your intended degree (from M.S. to Ph.D., or Ph.D. to M.S., for example) and/or change your major, you must complete the GS14 online. You can use this form only if:

(a) You are currently enrolled or have been enrolled at any time in the past two years, and

(b) You will not graduate in your present graduate degree program.

(c) You are not currently an undergraduate student at Clemson University.


  1. Go to the iROAR portal and select the “Already have a Clemson account? Log In” option (login required).
  2. On the next screen, click the “Student Self-Service” button located under the “Dashboard” heading.
  3. From there, under "Student Records" click the "Graduate Change of Program (GS14)" button.
  4. Follow the instructions found on that GS14 page.

Readmission After Taking Time Off

Leave of Absence

Clemson University Graduate School no longer requires continuous enrollment for Degree-Seeking graduate students in good standing. If you need to submit a re-entrance form after a Leave of Absence, complete the Request for Re-Entrance form. If completing the Request for Re-Entrance form is not applicable to the situation, a new application will be required. There is no application fee. Current or previous students should seek advice from their program advisor as to the best path for continuing their enrollment or applying for re-entry.

Non-Degree Graduate Enrollment

If you were enrolled as a non-degree graduate student at Clemson University at any time in the past six years, you don’t need to submit a new application. You should complete the Request for Re-Entrance.