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Academic Advising

Parham profile

Khristy Parham

Manager/Advisor/Registration Coordinator
300 Rhodes Annex
(864) 656-0308

Rothell profile

Tammy Rothell

Advisor/Registration Coordinator
301 Rhodes Annex
Phone: (864) 656-9843

Academic Events

    Group of senior design participants

    Resources to Excel

    At Clemson's Department of Bioengineering, we want to assist you on your journey as you pursue your undergraduate degree. Our advising program provides you with the resources you need to make informed academic decisions and stay on track to graduation. Prior to your registration date, you must meet with the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator to discuss your schedule and to be cleared for registration. You will be contacted about how and when to schedule an appointment to do so. Please review your degree progress report in IROAR, the appropriate curriculum plan, registration times, and the online schedule of classes in order to have a schedule in mind to discuss with your adviser.

    If you ever have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your advisors. Faculty Mentor assignments can be found in IROAR in Student Information on the Students Records tab.

    • Registration and Curriculum Worksheet

      Curriculum Planning

      The Curriculum Flowcharts show the prerequisite requirements for BIOE-required courses. BIOE courses can be taken in any semester they are offered as long as a prerequisite and other requirements are satisfied. More detailed prerequisite and corequisite information can be found in the Academic Catalog and DegreeWorks ( iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > DegreeWorks (Undergraduate Only)).

      For a full view of each flowchart, please review the Biomaterials Concentration or Bioelectrical Concentration.

      Course Registration

      Registration occurs during the second half of each semester. See the University's Academic Calendar for more information.

      1. For your time ticket, go to your iRoar Student Profile ( iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > iRoar Student Profile).
      2. In the top right corner of the page, click "Registration Notices" to see your time ticket.
      3. See the Registrar's time ticket schedule for a list of registration windows by registration priority group.
      Internship and Research Credit

      Guidelines are available that outline how to receive academic credit for internships and research, at Clemson or elsewhere.

    • Advising Forms
      • Academic Forgiveness - requests are submitted via iRoar (iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > Request Academic Forgiveness).
      • Approval of Credits to be Earned at Another School - the course will only count towards your degree requirements if approved as transferable to Clemson.
      • FERPA Release - students may choose to complete and submit a FERPA Release form to allow access or release of their educational record to a third party (e.g., parent or guardian).
      • Program Fee Waiver - students who are no longer pursuing engineering or computing degrees and cannot declare their intended major may apply for a Program Fee Waiver.
      View Academic Forms
    • Change of Major

      To transfer from General Engineering into the Biomedical Engineering degree program, students must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 in courses taken at Clemson and must have earned a grade of C or better in each course in the General Engineering Core Curriculum.

      If you are currently in a non-engineering major, you must first change your major to General Engineering.

      To learn more, visit the General Engineering advising website.

      Change Major Information