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Clubs & Orgs

Build Your Network

Getting involved in clubs and organizations allows you to participate in projects beyond the classroom. Whether collaborating on teams to build your network or increasing your skillset with applied knowledge, you make yourself more valuable to potential employers.

Bioengineering students can choose between several engineering-focused clubs and organizations or take part in student advisory roles to shape the program. Beyond the ones mentioned below, the College has a list of clubs and organizations by area.

Students at DEN meeting

Alpha Eta Mu Beta

Alpha Eta Mu Beta was formed to recognize and encourage excellence in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering. Through development, training, networking and service opportunities, members are able to develop lifelong skills that prepare them to excel after college or to transform individuals into leaders and innovators.

Bioengineering Ambassadors

Bioengineering Ambassadors lead and host tours for prospective students and their families by working with the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences. In addition to hosting tours, they attend various functions to promote Bioengineering, from CECAS recruiting events to educational programs.


Clemson Bioengineering Organization is the Clemson University graduate and undergraduate student chapter of the Society For Biomaterials and the Biomedical Engineering Society. Its purpose is to support students pursuing an education and career in bioengineering by providing professional development and engineering education support.

Clemson Bionics

Clemson Bionics is dedicated to growing student interest and understanding of bionics: biology-inspired engineering. A focus area has been making low-cost bionic prosthetic devices with the help of 3D printing resources at Clemson Makerspace. Networking opportunities and hands-on projects allow members the best exposure to the field.


The Engineering World Health is a service and pre-professional organization on campus focused on the idea of designing new, low-cost medical devices to provide more accessible solutions to global health. We are involved in service projects and are open to suggestions for new healthcare-related service activities.


The CECAS Student Advisory Board serves as the voice of the students within the college. Representatives from each department are chosen in a highly selective process. These department representatives collaborate with each other and with students, faculty and staff to make improvements to their department and the college as a whole.


The Student Advisory Council for the Department of Bioengineering is composed of engaged upperclassmen undergraduate students in the Bioengineering Department. Council members will help enhance the Bioengineering Department experience by working in close liaison between students and faculty.